Beautify Your Nails With a Variety of Beautiful Enhancements

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There are so many different ways to maintain beautiful, natural nails without all that money or chemicals. A few days ago, at a friend’s wedding, I saw firsthand how important a great manicure is. Not only does it get you ready to attend the event, but it also makes you feel fantastic.

Nail Salons Have Replaced Manicurists used to be the main source of fingernails and finger manicures and pedicures. Now, due to the cost of hiring a professional manicurist and the damage caused to nails by the harsh chemical polish they use, most women now choose to go to nail salons instead. I was completely surprised when I first saw natural nails at the nail salon. Not only were they beautiful, but they were also easier to care for because the polish they use is more like ointment than paint.

Acrylic Overlay

Also called acrylics or gems, these are artificial nails without the natural nail’s foil. They are designed to look just like natural nails but are usually less expensive than natural nails without the foil. There are several popular acrylics, including polymers, neodymium, and stainless steel. Some have an extra-strong glue for an extra secure hold.

Thin Nails or Long Nails with Diamond Style Interlocking Studs – Also called cuticle studs, these interlocking studs fit together along with one long nail, creating one thick, full look. These look great with natural nails and can be purchased in several different lengths, depending on your thickness and what kind of nail polish you are using. These are very easy to care for; it simply requires daily gentle cleaning to remove any dirt or debris. There is no trim involved so you can spend as much or as little time as you want on caring for them. If you have very thick natural nails or if you desire the added look of thicker nails, this is the way to go.

Artificial Nails with Dichroic Studs

These resemble natural nails but come in several different types, each with its own unique look. They are typically used by cosmeticians and makeup artists because they have a higher degree of detail than the aforementioned two options do. They are made of several layers of material that will give the look of nail growth, often starting with a thin layer of artificial nail material, followed by a thicker version to give the desired effect. They are perfect for people who have not had a chance to experience the joys of nail growth and those who suffer from nail infections. The only drawback to these artificial nails is that each person may require slightly different care to prevent infection.

Buff Nails with Dichroic Studs

If you like to get your hands in the best shape possible and if you find satisfaction with the look of healthy nails, you should consider investing in natural nails or buffing them. Buffing is a process in which the nails are manually lifted and darkened using nail polish remover. This process provides a buffed appearance while removing any existing natural nails. It is an ideal option for individuals who do not wish to waste money on artificial nails or those who simply prefer a more natural look.

Nail Oftentimes, individuals will purchase new fingernails or polish, but fail to realize that there are numerous other options that can provide them with the look of healthy nails without spending an outrageous amount of money. A popular way to cover up worn or broken nails is to purchase a synthetic fingernail overlay. A popular type of overlay is a UV-resistant acrylic nail topcoat. Although UV-resistant acrylics are available in various strengths and colors, the most convenient type for coverups is a UV-resistant artificial fingernail or nail topcoat. An artificial fingernail overlay, which is applied over natural nails and secured by an adhesive strip, can help hide any damage from abrasion, chipping, breaking, drying out, and cracking, as well as provide a polished and bright appearance.

If you are in the market for a good artificial fingernail cover, it is wise to purchase acrylic full set covers instead of the typical individual acrylics sold at retail stores. A full acrylic set consists of four to eight artificial nails, each trimmed to the appropriate length and then glued on with an adhesive strip. The advantage of using this acrylic full set cover over natural nails is that it is easier to match the cover to the appropriate nail. Many beauty salons offer this service, so it is not uncommon for a salon stylist to customize the artificial nails with the acrylic full set in order to meet the specific requirements of their customers.

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