Yoga Beginner’s Guide to Mantra Meditation

Mantra Meditation

Heard of the term mantra? It is broken down into two parts namely Man which means the mind and Tra which means release. This can be a word or phrase which helps you unlock the full mental potential. Mantras are highly beneficial when it comes to improving your concentration or entering the right frame of mind.

At times, you recite a mantra or listen to it. Sometimes, you repeat the mantra in a fast manner and sometimes you repeat it slowly.

Do you know there is also a method of meditation attached with these powerful words? It is Mantra meditation.

Let us now focus a bit on what mantra meditation is.

Mantra Meditation – A Brief Introduction

As the name suggests, the mantra is where you utilize a mantra to enter a deeper state of meditation. Enroll in a certified Yoga instructor certification to know all about this powerful meditation technique.

However, you might question –

Why Use a Mantra During Meditation?

There are two reasons for using a mantra during a meditation session:

  • The mantra becomes an object for you to focus on. It helps keep the monkey-mind busy and helps it enter a calm and relaxed state. In the long run, this helps focus your breathing on the meditation session.
  • On a deeper level, the mantra is a powerful tool for transformation of consciousness. It is an aspect of mantra which is more on the spiritual side. Daily practice of mantras during meditation session helps produce a deeper state of mind and consciousness.

Needless to say, that daily practice of mantra meditation does offer some impressive benefits.

Benefits of Mantra Meditation

Given below are some major benefits of meditation:

Increased Focus

Remember, meditation does not comes easy. It takes a lot of time and determination to keep the mind focused. However, this changes with mantra meditation where the chosen mantra helps minimize the wandering thoughts. Enroll in the Yoga Alliance certification to learn and practice this meditation style under the supervision of meditation experts.

Changes the Brain

Numerous studies have proven how daily practice of meditation leads to positive changes in your mind. This includes less fatigue, minimized anxiety, improved memory power, and overall better mood.

Chanting specific mantras has a positive impact on these changes. Moreover, the mantras help synchronize the left and right side of your brain to promote alpha (relaxing) brain waves. With time, this synchronization improves which improves your cognitive function.

More Control Over Breathing

Yes! The practice of mantra meditation under the guidance of an experienced meditation expert helps you find the natural breathing rhythm. Moreover, daily practice of this meditation style helps you combine the mantra with the practice and be more relaxed.

However, for you to experience these benefits, you have to follow a few simple tips.

Tips to Practice Mantra Meditation

Given below are 3 tips to help you practice mantra meditation with ease.

Find the Best Mantra

Before you start the practice, be clear about the reason for choosing meditation. Choose a specific mantra helps the mind relax and enter a calm state. In the long run, this helps lower the blood pressure levels, and minimizes stress. Remember, the type of mantra you choose has a direct impact on the meditation session.

Sit Correctly & Focus on Breathing

Sit in a comfortable position for the meditation. Spend some time at settling down the body and mind. Notice the points where your body shows resistance and tension, let it go. Pay attention to your breathing as this helps your mind settle before you dive into the session. Join the Yoga instructor certification to learn all about this powerful meditation technique.

Chant the Mantra

Once you have set an intention and settled the mind into the session, it is time to recite the chosen mantra. Do not run after having an transcendent experience but focus on yourself, relax, and be aware of the moment. You can also just focus on the sound of the mantra.

Continue as long as you are comfortable. There is no need to put unnecessary pressure on your body or mind. Just relax and let your mind flow through the session.


Do you want to disconnect from all the noise and distraction and focus on yourself? You should enroll in a certified Yoga instructor certification and learn everything about mantra meditation.

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