5 Remedies Help to Reduce Arthritis Pain

Arthritis Pain

Arthritis causes joint pains on the knees, hips, fingers, and other joints in the body. It is also called joint inflammation, and as a result, the affected place gets swollen and stiffed. The patient cannot move or use that part of the body properly. According to the National Centre for Health 26% of American people are facing chronic pains and more than half of them are suffering the arthritis pain in general. These pains mostly exist in older people because of wear and tear. The period of arthritis pain may vary from one person to another according to the nature of their problem.

Here are some of the remedies that can help to heal arthritis pain or at least lessen the effects of it.

Remedies to Cure Arthritis Pain

Weight Loss

One of the best remedies to treat arthritis pain is to lose weight if you are overweight. There is a chart available on the internet from where you can check your ideal weight according to your age and height. So keep that weight in your mind and try to balance it gradually. Because extra pressure on the joints can only worsen the pain and it would become hard to treat this problem once you are overweight. To reduce the weight take healthy meals with no fat or you may do some light exercise which is not increasing the pain of the affected areas.

Kratom for Arthritis Pain

Kratom is in use for quite a long time as a remedy for specific medical issues like sleep disorder, depression, weight loss, etc. Kratom offers considerable help for the pain of Arthritis. Red Borneo Kratom is mainly for patients with joints and muscles pain. It relaxes the joints and muscles which in turn heal the arthritis pain.


Sometimes wrapping the affected area of the body can also help to reduce the pain of arthritis. Especially wrapping the knees and ankles is comfortable and beneficial. There are some medically made wrappers that are readily available at any store. Other than this the heat with the wrapping is very beneficial in arthritis. The heat helps to ease out the stiffed joint which reduces pain. The people who are facing problems in their movement can move much better than before. For best effects repeat it daily.

Exercise for Arthritis Pain

Exercise is also very beneficial for arthritis. The slow movement of the body slowly can help to reduce shallowness and stiffness. Heavy activities are not suitable for arthritis pain. It is better if a physician recommends the exercises. Avoid the exercises like squats if you are facing the pains in knees because it can worsen the effects.

A person who is having arthritis can also get some physical therapy. Therapies can be of all kinds. If the problem is severe, then the light sort of treatment is given to the patient.


There are certain supplements which can are currently in use by patients with arthritis pain. These supplements can strengthen the joints of the body and reduce the pain in the joints. Supplements made of fish oil like omega3 fatty acids are also very beneficial for it. Fish oil can also be used to massage the effective area of the body. It decreases the shallowness of the joints.

For the best-suited supplements, a proper doctor should be consulted and take the supplements on a daily basis for better results.


These tips explained above are the points that can help the patients with arthritis problems to cure their disease or at least can help them to reduce the effects of this disease. Always take healthy diets and do a little exercise daily to stay healthy. The diagnose at an early stage and getting proper treatment is better. It can do more damage if it’s not appropriately treated at early stages.

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