Web Development with WordPress Tips and Tricks

Web Development with WordPress Tips and Tricks

Companies are constantly faced with the question of how the desired target group can be reached and addressed. A few years ago the telephone and the mail were still a measurable customer reaction, this has completely shifted. Interested parties first visit the company website on their smartphone and then decide whether they want to place an order or first send an inquiry by email. With this change within the target group, entrepreneurs have to keep an eye on their website appearance. Because simply putting a carelessly designed company website online is no longer enough. Web Development Company in Lahore with WordPress helps companies out of this dilemma.

Web Development with WordPress

WordPress and its solutions

Hardly any other web program has developed as rapidly as WordPress. Introduced in 2004 as a pure blog system, it developed into one of the leading content management systems in a breathtaking manner. At the same time, a fan base has established itself around WordPress, which is expanding the functionality with ever new ideas and additional programs.

The developers of WordPress ensured a non-changeable program structure during the entire development time. This is made up of:

  • Program files
  • Themes for the website display
  • Plugins for internal and external extensions

It is also possible to install several WordPress installations on one domain. This is useful for export-oriented companies that offer a language selection on their website.

A MySQL database serves as the central data point. This must be created before the installation. The actual program installation only takes a few minutes. Then it comes to the actual design of the website.

Companies from all industries are now using the possibilities offered by this web program as part of a Web Development Company in Lahore with WordPress.

How companies use WordPress effectively

In order for a website to be accepted as interesting by the visitors, the screen output has a fundamentally important task. This must be taken into account when developing the web with WordPress. Because today’s and future display is not just on a computer monitor, but on different display sizes and resolutions. Be it the monitor at the workplace, smartphone, tablet or large screen. The website must be scalable without loss. WordPress offers a wide range of customization options here. Let’s take a look at the individual components.

Responsive design

For web development with WordPress it is now standard to create websites in “responsive design”. This means the visual scalability of the website. As a result, the requirements for the image material and video used are of course very high. A small product image looks good on a smartphone, but it is no longer acceptable on a large screen. The same goes for videos.

WordPress theme

If something is changed in the presentation of the website in WordPress, this takes place in the theme. Among other things, the following are specified here:

  • Website layout
  • Fonts and font sizes
  • Website header and footer
  • Function expansions
  • Menu navigation

In addition to paid themes, free themes are also available. Or an individual theme is created just for the company. This has the advantage of not being dependent on the theme provider. This also circumvents possible third-party copyright claims.

WordPress plugins

Plugins play a major role in web development with WordPress. These are small but useful additional programs that often do their job in the background. This includes backup programs or statistical evaluations and of course the notice for the visitor regarding the GDPR.

A central topic: security in web development with WordPress

Another central issue is the security of the website. WordPress itself can be classified as secure in its code. However, there are problems with websites that have not secured their web storage. Most importantly, files and folders are not write-protected. These are typical gateways where malicious code is stored and each visitor then inevitably serves as a disseminator and / or damaged party.

It is therefore advisable to outsource the web development with WordPress and to transfer the support in the further course.

That is also possible: Web Development Company in Lahore and WordPress with shop system

In addition to the company presentation, it is now also possible to connect a shop system within WordPress. A shop is integrated as a theme and must then be adapted to the company. Above all, the requirements of the legislature with regard to mandatory information must be observed. These vary depending on the customer approach. A distinction is made here between “business-to-customer” (B2C) and “business-to-business” (B2B) shop systems. The B2B business is only accessible to the self-employed, a B2C shop is aimed at the end customer.

Conclusion for a successful web development with WordPress

No proper website without planning. As an entrepreneur, create a specification sheet and write down the desired specifications in bullet points. Of course, the installation and setup of your website can be done with your own staff. However, the structure and the subsequent maintenance of the website tie up very high human resources. With WordPress, you have a powerful content management system available free of charge. Whether a simple website or a complex company presentation with image, sound, and video and an integrated shop system. WordPress adapts to your ideas and your web visitors become customers. More is not possible.

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