Kitchen Handles the Perfect Guide to Choose Them

Kitchen Handles the Perfect Guide to Choose Them

The reform of a kitchen requires a multitude of small details that must be taken care of to obtain the best final result.

They are small decisions that must be made at all times and for which many people are not prepared. One of those decisions is to choose the type of kitchen handles (or, if applicable, opening system) for your furniture, doors and cabinets.

The choice of these fittings and opening systems for kitchen cabinet drawers can overwhelm people. Many times, we are not used to choosing this type of decorative and functional elements and this is difficult for us.

If you are part of this group of people, I have good news: with this article you will be able to clear up your doubts, get to know kitchen handles well and know how to choose the best one for your kitchen.

Why kitchen are handles important?

At first, the choice of kitchen handles may seem like an inconsequential decision. However, the final result of the kitchen renovation or design will largely depend on choosing the right handles.

Although it may seem like a bland and unimportant element, the handle dresses up much more than it looks like a piece of furniture or a door. Therefore, these types of details are what give that final touch to a kitchen reform or redesign.

On the other hand, if you make a mistake when choosing kitchen cupboard handles, you have a double problem:

Aesthetic problem: you will have to live with a kitchen that does not convince you. With handles that do not fit in with the rest of the kitchen decor.

A question of comfort: if the handles prevent you from comfortably opening a drawer or a cupboard door, you will be fighting with them for the entire life of the kitchen.

Where are kitchen handles used?

Handles for kitchen cabinets:  in the different kitchen cupboard handles cabinets such as the classic cutlery drawers, the tall cabinets to store glasses and plates, etc.

Handles for kitchen doors:  on the doors that your kitchen has.

Kitchen cabinet handles:  in the upper and lower cabinets where you store food and other essentials for cooking.

What are the factors that I should take into account when choosing a specific kitchen handle?

The size of the kitchen and furniture.  A very small handle may not look good on very large furniture. The same goes for large handles on small furniture. Therefore, the dimensions should always guide you when choosing the most suitable.

The current fashion in shooters.  Later I will show you that minimalist kitchens almost completely dispense with handles. However, in addition to fashion, you must decide if you prefer a style with modern, rustic or more minimalist kitchen handles.

Qualities and materials.  The style of the kitchen also imposes the qualities of the materials. Cold surfaces such as aluminum will be more typical of avant-garde kitchens. On the other hand, brass can look great on classic or rustic-style furniture.

Ease of cleaning.  Before choosing, think that the kitchen furniture stains a lot. Even if there is a kitchen handle that drives you crazy, it may not be the best idea to opt for it. Note if it is difficult to clean, has too many nooks and crannies, or is excessively small.

In the next point I am going to explain the different types of kitchen handles that are currently on the market.

Types of kitchen handles

There are mainly 7 types of kitchen cupboard handles that are used in kitchen furniture and doors. Or, at least, these are the ones that I recommend if you are thinking of buying one for your new renovation.

Electronic opening button

The most technological version of a shooter. To open a cabinet, an electronic button is installed that can be activated in two different ways. From a button in the kitchen cabinet itself or from a remote control (even from the mobile).

It is the latest in home automation applied to the kitchen and preferred by the most kitchen geeks.

Personally, although I like this system a lot, it is a product that I really see as far from being implemented. At the moment it is an option that I see as very futuristic.

Push and pull system

Using this hinged door opening system, you can mount the doors of your cabinets without handles on the front. Just by pressing lightly on the door, the system is activated and the door opens.

It’s ideal when your hands are full or dirty. This system will open the door as if by magic when you lightly touch the door with your elbow.

Shooter less rim system

The most minimalist kitchen designs usually opt for this system. This modality is based on the use of aluminum profiles attached to the drawer or furniture. In this way we leave just enough space to pull, without it being necessary to make any changes to the edges.

In other words, it is a system that avoids having to put a shooter. It allows you to dispense with this element if it does not fit aesthetically in your kitchen. It should also be noted that it is somewhat more expensive than the rest of the systems.

The aluminum gola (throat) system – also known as Handleless – is the minimalist design trend par excellence.

It is an aluminum profile fixed to the furniture. This leaves enough space to pull the door or drawer, without any modification to the edges.