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You are in the right place to know how do I change my Reddit username. Reddit is the most popular site for making anyone be on the first page of the internet. Allowing them to post content on Reddit and get the maximum upvotes can do that. It is the seventh most visited site in the US and nineteenth worldwide, with over 52 million daily users. And if you are one among them to change username Reddit, it is both easy and challenging. If you are new to Reddit, it is easy to use the Reddit assigned name. And if already you changed the assigned name as per your preference and now want to change it, it is nearly impossible. 

So, check out how you could change your username Reddit to make you popular and earn money from business advertisements.

Why do many want to change the username Reddit?

Before knowing how to change the Reddit username, it is vital to know why many like you want it. Reddit randomly assigns usernames for its new users. It is the standard procedure for all its over 52 million users. And upon starting to post photos, links, videos, and texts, users can easily change the randomly assigned names of their choice. It will help them get upvotes and downvotes for the posts in their specific communities, known as subreddits. There are over 138,000 active communities on Reddit. Any user getting the most upvotes upon debating the post can have a chance to be on its front page. It could make them popular and use it as a marketing tool to create a steady income stream. Because, as of 2018, there were over one billion views every month for the Reddit native videos. Hence many like you want to know how do I change my Reddit username for availing such benefits. 

How do I change username Reddit?

The following are the ways to change Reddit usernames in Android and iOS Reddit apps. 

  • Open the Reddit app either on Android or iOS. 
  • Sign in to the account with the username that needs to change
  • Tap on Profile avatar, which is on the top left corner
  • Choose “My Profile” on the side-out menu
  • Tap on “Change Username” for new users 
  • Key in the username of your choice
  • Click “Next,” which is at the top right corner
  • Tap “Save Username” to confirm the change of username

And that is it, and now you have changed the randomly assigned Reddit username of your preference to post, debate, and even make your posts appear on the front page. 

How do I change the display name on the Reddit app both Android, iOS and website?

If you have been using Reddit for a considerable time and posting for a while, it is impossible to change your username. You can start a new Reddit account, but it will not have any of your previous posts, and you need to post new ones as Reddit does not allow any reposts. Hence to continue with the same account with all your posts, it is better to change the display name on the screen, but the username will remain the same. The following steps will help you change the display name on the Reddit app in Android, iOs, and website. 

  • Open the Reddit app
  • Tap on the profile avatar
  • Choose the “My Profile” option
  • Go to the next page and tap “Edit Profile” to change the display name option.
  • Key in a profile name within 40 characters
  • Click the save button on the top-right corner
  • Now the new display name will show on the profile page.

 The above facts and steps will surely help you know how do I  change my Reddit username to avail of all its benefits.

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