Ten Little Tricks To Achieve The Best Results In Canon Printer

Canon Printer Error Code 5b00 is common for users. The error occurs when the ink does not absorb ink. The ink system in Canon printer continually fills ink within the printer.

It can sometimes fail to absorb, and it will display the 5b00 message. This canon error is found in Canon models mp280, Canon MX410, Canon G2000, and Canon MP287. It is possible to fix the error 5b00 using the same troubleshooting tips for all Canon printers.

Fixing Canon Error code 5b00

There are two ways to fix this error. This first method is most commonly used and fixes the error. You can always choose to use the second method if it doesn’t work for you. canon error code 5b00 Let’s examine these two options in greater detail

Method 1: Resetting Waste Ink System Count

Canon mp280 or Canon mx410 can reset the waste ink absorber to fix error code 5b00. The steps below can be followed in a specific order to fix error code 5.b00.

Step 1: Turn off your printer completely while you remove the power cable.

Step 2: Hold down the “Resume” key on your Canon printer and continue pressing it.

Step 3: Press and hold simultaneously “Power” on your printer. The Green LED will turn on. Hold down the “Power” button while the Green LED is still lit. The green led should then turn on.

Step 4: Now release the “Resume” button. When the green light comes up, press the “Resume”.

Step 5: Hold down the power button, and then press the “Resume” key twice more. The LED light should change from green to amber first.

Step 6: Release the “Power” button now.

Step 7: Read carefully and press the buttons as stated:

  • You can click the “Resume” button 4 times
  • Once you press the “Power” button, it will confirm your action to “Resetting Ink counter absorber.”

Step 8: Now, power on your printer.

This will reset the waste-ink counter system so that your printer can return to normal. The error message 5b00 from Canon printers will disappear from your screen.

This method may not solve your problem. There is another way. To learn more, please read the following section.

Method 2: Manually Clean the Waste Ink Foam

You can manually clean the ink mousse. You can also clean the ink foam manually to make your printer run again. Here’s how you can do it:

Step 1: Go behind the cartridges to see a row with white rollers.

Step 2: To reach the rollers, take out each cartridge one at a.m. You will also see a foam pad at the rollers if you pay attention.

Step 3: Use a paper towel to clean the foam pad. Keep rubbing until you have collected all the ink from the pieces of paper towel.

Step 4: Put the cartridges back in place. You must ensure that they are properly seated. The printer cover should be closed.

Step 5: Now, turn off your printer and turn it on again.

This method is not well-known. Most people don’t know about this method.

If you are still having trouble with your Canon printer, 5b00, please contact Canon Printer Support. Contact Canon Printer Support Helpdesk in such an instance.

These experts can give you step-by-step instructions on how to fix the error. For more information, please visit our website printer error code. canon support code 5b00 indicates that your printer’s counter has detected that the ink absorption is either almost full or full.

The counter must be reset to zero to fix the 5B00 error on the Canon printer. Resetting Canon Printer:

  1. Turn on service mode for the printer.
  2. Reset using the Service tool / Resetter Software
  3. Restart the printer

Canon printers are available in many series. To enter Service Mode, each series uses a different method. Follow each step below.

Canon Printer Service Mode

  • Turn off the printer
  • Hold down the Resume/Stop key on the printer.
  • Hold down the Power button and then release Resume/Stop.
  • Holding down the power button, push the Resume/Stop key 5 (five times) times.
  • Next, release the power button and the Resume/Stop buttons simultaneously.
  • Now the printer is in the Service Mode.

The following steps can be used with the Canon IP series.

Reset using Service Tool / Resetter Software

To use the Printer you must enter your details. Service Mode To reset the printer, use the Service. We will be using the Canon Service Tool V3400 to support many Canon Printer types.

  1. Download Canon Service Tool V3400.
  2. Run the Service Tool.exe program.
  3. Choose the USB port number that you want to connect from the USBPORT.
  4. Ink Absorber Counter section. Select MAIN from the Absorber pull-down menu.
  5. Select the value (in increments of 10%) from the Counter Value % pull-down menu. Then click SET.
  6. To verify that the value was correctly set to the EPROM, print the EEPROM information status.