5 Fashion Advice from Top Style Expert


Fashion tells you about your personality, about your sense of understanding about fashion and style. Some people have style sense and they don’t need other advice about how to style. But some people have low fashion sense and don’t know how to be dressed in a way to look flawless and fashionista. So, for that they look for fashion advice. From people who can get advice on how to style in a way that they look flawless and stylist. These kind of people are called “style expert” in the fashion industry. Many people like to shop for designer clothes. As well but as we know the prices of designer clothes and products are high and not everyone can afford it. By easily following the styling tips from the style experts. You can look fashionable and stylist.

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What style experts tell you about your body shape? 

According to style experts it is better to understand the body shape of yourself. So then you can decide what you can wear, what type of clothes you can wear, accessories, style, color, etc you can wear. Style experts advice to wear according to your body type. This is the first advice which style experts give to people for better understanding about the fashion sense.

It is rightly to be said that it is not necessary that everyone can adopt any fashion trend. Your body will decide what trend you can follow to carry yourself and slay. For example, if your body is an apple shape type then according to style experts, A-line or empire cut types of dresses are ideal for your body. Because you can look stylish if you will wear these types of dress.

Apple shape body type is that type of the body. That has a heavy upper side in comparison to your lower side. It is a type of a body shape according to style experts. Style experts have classified different shapes of the body for better understanding of fashion. So that they can give advice easily. Apple shaped body type has heavy upper broader shoulders and big bust line.

So, according to style experts you can hide your heavy part and highlight your lower art (legs).  Or if you have an hour shape body type then style experts say; you can wear a dress in which you look pretty, this shape is a balanced shape of the body.

According to style experts this is an ideal shape of the body which everybody craves for. Style experts say that if your lower part is heavier than your upper part. Then wear those dresses in which you can hide your legs and flaunt your upper part. These are some of the body shapes that style experts give to the people as a fashion or styling tip to everyone. 

Wear perfectly fitting clothes, says style experts 

Yes, it is important to wear perfectly fit clothes, wearing too loose clothes for people who are healthy in weight. Don’t give a flawless look according to style experts. It is better to understand that wearing too tight clothes or too loose clothes are not a good option. Pick a middle option and wear according to event and occasion, says style experts. 

Look for trendy colors, says style experts 

Do homework or research about the trendy color or color of the season, which is trending and try to adopt those colors in your wardrobe. Style experts say it is important to know the current trend of fashion.

Style experts say don’t wear too many fashions accessories 

Wearing too much jewelry or other fashion accessories doesn’t look good. Try to keep it minimal and decent if you want to look stylish and cool.

Wear easy clothes which you can carry

Style experts say wear those types of clothes or dress in such a way. That you can feel comfortable and relax.  

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