Advantages and Disadvantages of Cat Window Perches


Despite their various benefits, cat window perches are not without drawbacks. Suction cup-based models tend to have weak suction cups, a problem that may be a result of poor quality control or user error. You must ensure that your window is pristine before attaching the perch, and you should squeeze out air before gluing it to the window. You should also take into account the lack of accurate instructions, as some owners have reported problems. For more information, see our review of the Kitty Cot World’s Best cat window perch.

Suction cup-based cat window perch

Cats love to perch in window sills. Unfortunately, this can result in dangerous high-rise syndrome. A cat that falls from a window can suffer head injuries, chest trauma, and even bone fractures. While most cats can survive such a fall, it is best to keep your windows closed or to use tough window screens. If possible, keep your cat off of balconies and open terraces. Suction cup-based cat window perches are available for windows and can be easily installed. However, they do require cleaning and repositioning at least once a month.

One of the most popular types of cat window perches available for windows is the Suction Cup-Based Cat Window Perch, which is designed to adhere to windows and can support up to 80 pounds. It is not designed for textured or frosted glass surfaces, as the suction cups can loosen if the window is subjected to temperature changes. This type of cat window perch needs a window 24 inches wide, and it will sit about eleven inches above the window. Since the perch is not designed for every window, it may require some assistance from a human to reach.

Double-decker cat window perches

If your windows are too narrow for a traditional cat tree, consider buying a double-decker cat window perch. The double-decker design allows your feline friend to bask in the sun, and six industrial-strength suction cups keep it in place. The top hammock features a small hole for the cat to climb up. The fleece covers are removable and washable. Once your cat has mastered climbing up, you can take it down for easy cleaning.

Another style of double-decker cat window perches is wall-mounted. This option uses a heavy-duty wall-mount and requires more time to install, but offers a permanent solution. They also come with a built-in cat toy. The design is also space-saving and comes with an orthopedic foam bed to keep your cat comfortable. The perch is easily cleaned with a damp cloth. For added safety, the perch can be hand-washed.

The best cat window perches for your feline friend!

Cats are some of the most popular pets in the world, and if you’re a cat owner, you know why! Cats are beautiful, independent, intelligent animals that many people find to be more like little people than pets! If you’re looking to pamper your feline friend, consider getting him or her one of these cat window perches!

Material Considerations

When it comes to purchasing a cat window perch, consider what materials are being used. Cats are notoriously picky about what they choose to rest on, which means you’ll want to find something that makes them feel at home and secure. In general, cats like things that they can both cling onto and claw at without hurting themselves or others in your household. This means fabric is generally a good bet. If you aren’t sure what material is right for your kitty, try using carpet remnants and other products with similar textures in order to see if they settle down. If not, move on until you find something they like!

Size, Shape, Color, and Other Factors

Cats can jump from heights that are unfathomable to us mere humans. Cats’ bones are lighter and sturdier than ours, which enables them to protect themselves from injury when they fall from great heights. Because of their light bone structure, cats can often land on their feet even if they fall off a six-story building. They also use body language and depth perception to guide them during a high-speed landing. Another thing that helps cats survive falls is their muscles, which allow them to quickly right themselves before impact. In general, it is believed that any animal with a backbone has some degree of protection against falling because it retains its vertebrae while falling.

Things to Look For

Finding a sturdy, comfortable, non-toxic and, preferably, durable cat perch that fits inside any window is key. Luckily there are many great options out there to choose from; some might fit better than others depending on what type of window you have. Make sure to measure before purchasing so you know it’ll fit properly without having to drill or alter anything at home. Good luck!

Corrugated cardboard cat window perches

If your cat loves the view out your window, you can provide him with the ultimate scratching post: a corrugated cardboard cat window perch. These cat windowsill beds come in two-, three-, and even four-level designs. You can choose a perch with a flat base or a platform, so your cat can jump up and down from one level to another. Some of these cat window perches are also sturdy enough to accommodate multiple cats, and you can purchase more than one for your cat.