Do‌ ‌You‌ ‌Really‌ ‌Need‌ ‌Plastic‌ ‌Surgery?‌

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We all yearn to have a flawless appearance and a well-contoured body. Previously, we could not imagine altering the features that we were born with. Unlike those times, now there are tools and procedures available with which you can gain both.

These procedures come under a specialized branch of medicine called plastic surgery. This field covers two categories – cosmetic and reconstructive.

Why is Plastic Surgery Needed?

The two categories of plastic surgery aim to correct different issues. With reconstructive surgeries, doctors can repair scars and disfigurements caused by trauma, accident, or a health condition like cancer. 

Cosmetic surgeries can cosmetically improve the symmetry, proportion, and visual appeal of a particular body part like lips, nose, lips, breasts, forehead, tummy, and more.

Results data from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) show that in 2018, over 1.8 million people underwent cosmetic surgeries, and the number is rising every year.

Do You Really Need Plastic Surgery?

You must have seen the before and after images while exploring the internet about these surgeries. Before finalizing, ask yourself, do you need plastic surgery?

Here are some points to think about:

  • Self-consciousness

Almost all of us are self-conscious about our bodies and wish we could change a specific part; for example, undergoing a procedure to alter the size of our breasts to give the body a fuller appearance or the shape of the nose to enhance our looks.

But this feeling might go away with time. Moreover, your body keeps evolving with time. So, if you are worried about a specific body part, it might appear more proportionate over time. So, do not make a hasty decision.

  • Impress someone

It is crucial to know whether you want to go through it for yourself or please someone. In most cases, people take risks to impress their partners. What is the guarantee that your partner will like the result of the procedure? Many even consider it to fit in their social circle or even because they are not happy when they click a selfie. So, give it a thought to whether it is worth the risks?

  • No shortcuts

Plastic surgery procedures like liposuction or gastric bypass can help if you want to lose weight. A surgical process may seem an easy fix as not everyone is willing to stick to a strict diet. If you wish to get rid of that extra fat, is it not better to do it appropriately? 

Taking tips and guidance from a dietician, and exercising regularly are the best means to lose weight in a healthy way.

  • Varying results

Do bear in mind that not every procedure gives a successful outcome. Also, the result varies for every patient. So, a type of plastic surgery, which made your best friend look like a barbie doll may not work for you the same way.

There is a point of view that plastic surgeries can create wonders, but it is not the case. It is crucial that you keep your hopes realistic and do not expect a miracle. Do not forget that plastic surgery specialists are humans, and there is always a chance of error. 

A wrong technique can lead to very disastrous results. You must have come across data on the internet and seen multiple news reports about such surgeries going wrong. In such cases, you may require revision surgery to correct problems that arise from previous surgery.

  • Recovery

Depending on the surgery you undergo, the healing time differs, there is scarring that takes time to fade, and you may experience pain as you recover. 

For example, rhinoplasty or nose job is considered one of the most challenging plastic surgeries, or liposuction has a lengthy recovery period. You might have to wait for a considerable time till you can get back to your routine.

  • Low self-esteem

Some people are self-critical and feel depressed about their looks. They think plastic surgery can elevate their self-esteem, but transforming your looks may not improve your mental health. Take the help of a trained counselor or therapist to overcome your emotional issues.

  • Expensive for Plastic Surgery

Cost is another factor that you need to think about because most of these procedures can burn a big hole in your pocket. You can join a gym, take a dietician’s guidance, and visit a salon –by spending a reasonable amount.

Whether you want to go under the scalpel – the answer lies between a beautiful, gratifying outcome and a regret throughout your life. Hence, gather as much information as possible about the particular procedure you want. Meet a plastic surgeon, ask questions, and get all your doubts resolved.


The demand for having a flawless face and a finely sculpted body is undying. At the same time, there is a lot to ponder upon if you are considering plastic surgery. Read related articles reviewed by esteemed doctors. 

Do not feel anxious while visiting multiple websites to collate information. Each of these websites has a stringent privacy policy, which assures your confidentiality.

Another vital point to consider is Covid-19. It is not advisable to undergo plastic surgery during a pandemic as there is an elevated risk of getting exposed to the virus.

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