How to get free Instagram followers by tools that add to posts


There’s always a catch when it comes to free apps that help you achieve your Instagram goals. It’s usually up to you to figure out if the app is legit or not and the popularity of that free feature can be an indication if that app is really worth using. But, you don’t have to look far to find free Instagram followers like you can do with StumbleUpon and others.

Using these tools that help you drive up your numbers, means that you will be able to reach out to your desired number of Instagram followers. We’re not saying these tools are free to use. This is an example where these tools are supported by a purchase fee. The people who run these free apps often work on commission. But, if you do a quick Google search of the free Instagram followers apps, you will usually find a disclaimer on the developer’s page, stating that you are committing to using their free app for at least a week in order to see if you like the function of the app and will be interested in paying for the $1.99 upgrade.

Some of the free tools, are worth the few dollars they ask for.


StumbleUpon is definitely one of those tools, but it’s also a free social bookmarking service. It lets you recommend other users’ websites or blogs that you like and share those sites with your followers. We’re not quite sure that StumbleUpon is the tool you want to look into for followers, but it might be. It’s a good test if you’re looking for something that helps you drive up Instagram numbers.

Though it doesn’t necessarily look like a social media app, you can boost your number of Instagram followers by using the right hashtags. Tap the ‘+’ in the corner of a photo, and you will see a ‘+’ at the right side of the post. You can tap that to see hashtags that your followers might be using. You can tap the one that is relevant to you and increase your number of followers on Instagram. Tap the ‘+’ again, and you can also choose to add that hashtag as the title of your post. This will also help to boost the number of comments on your posts.


Igtools is a paid app, but it’s available to download for free. This app is something you will want to try if you’re interested in adding more followers to Instagram, but you don’t necessarily want to pay for Instagram followers. If you’re interested in reaching out to a specific amount of Instagram followers, then this app is worth a try.


And another free tool, called VEKA, is a social media optimizer. You can improve your Instagram account by using the app’s marketing features. It will help you boost your follower count and engagement, but you must be willing to pay for its Pro version. The company will offer you the first month of the PRO subscription for free. However, if you decide you want to continue using the app, then you can sign up for a one-month free trial before you are charged for the PRO version.

Like StumbleUpon, you can also click on the “+” at the corner of a photo to see hashtags that your followers might be using. You can tap on one of those hashtags to view a related hashtag and see which hashtags your followers are using to show you more posts to add to your feed. Tap the “+” once more to get more related hashtags that people might be using and see which hashtags are relevant to you.

Verified Instagram accounts

One way that you can get verified is to follow verified Instagram accounts. The best way to get verified is to follow verified Instagram accounts and be an interested follower. To follow a verified Instagram account, you can use your email address to add your Instagram account. If you sign up for the free app Instagram App Manager, you can use your Instagram account as your login to that app. You can sign up for Instagram App Manager using your Instagram account and link it to your email address. You can also send an email to and ask to be an official Instagram member. You will receive a reply saying whether or not they will approve your request to be an official member.

According to one user, it took them 11 days to get verified. They mentioned that they didn’t send an email to Instagram until after they had the verification. If you don’t use the app for the first month, then you won’t be able to get verified immediately. If you want to know what happens next, you can see this video about how verified Instagram accounts work and their requirements.

More Instagram Tools That You Can Try

It’s always interesting to find free tools that will help you boost your Instagram followers, increase engagement, and expand your network. Hopefully, the tools you’ve just learned about are some of the best Instagram tools you can try. If you’ve got any Instagram tips or tricks you think I should know about, feel free to share them with me in the comments. I’m always looking to learn more about the best ways to use Instagram.

Have you tried any of these tools? Do you use any of these Instagram tools to gain more followers and boost your engagement? Share with me your thoughts in the comments below.