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Since Adam Mosseri first talked about the development of Instagram’s


new feed options in November 2017, the social media giant has been working on a number of ways to improve the experience. He’s even teased the possibility of new features on Twitter. Earlier this month, Instagram announced that users would soon have a new way to access their feeds. The new feed option is called Following, and it displays posts from the accounts you follow in chronological order. As a user, you can choose to follow up to 50 accounts. This new feature will appear higher in your main feed and show starred posts separately. The new feature also allows you to pin photos to your profile. You can pin up to three photos to your profile, and you can customize which ones you want to be visible. Last year, Instagram introduced a Sensitive Control Center, a way to define the level of sensitive content that others can see. This update allows users to manage their accounts more effectively, giving them more control over what is displayed to others in their Discover and Search feeds. The new feature allows users to limit the amount of content that is viewed by people younger than 18 years old. Remixing reels is another new feature in the Instagram app. It allows you to include content from other accounts and remix them with your own. Remixing is enabled by default for public accounts, but users can toggle this feature in the settings menu. When you remix another user’s content, the original creator will receive a notification. To disable the remix feature, simply click the three-dot menu in the upper or lower right corner. Future of IGTV The Future of IGTV on Instagram is coming, and it’s going to change a lot. This is because of the new additions to IG Feed and the upcoming release of a new feature called captions. Currently, captions are not visible unless users are on mute, but this will be changing in the near future. Here are some of the most exciting features to come. In-stream video ads are a popular monetization option on Instagram. Similar to YouTube, businesses can pay to have their ads roll at the beginning of IGTV videos. While the ads themselves benefit the creator, the ads that are playing as the viewer watches a video are a win-win for both the creator and the advertiser. Reels and IGTV are similar in that you can view your videos in the main app. While users can upload a live video to IGTV, it has a 24-hour lifespan and has a limited audience. It also allows users to broadcast their videos. This new feature allows businesses to connect with their fans and make money. While the new feature is still in its infancy, it is already available in the US and is about to roll out in other countries. You can now participate in live broadcastings on IGTV as well as purchase badges. In addition to IGTV, Instagram will continue to integrate Reels and short-form video competition with TikTok. It’s important to note that Instagram’s parent company, IG Inc., plans to continue investing in Reels. In early 2020, IGTV will be removed from the home page. The move is part of an effort to make video discovery easier for users. They will also be focusing on Reels for the foreseeable future. Creators will soon be able to earn money from their stories and live broadcasts with the upcoming subscriptions feature of Instagram. Much like the Super Follows feature on Twitter, the subscriptions feature will hide content behind a paywall. The new feature is available to US users first, and will then expand internationally. The app’s CEO Adam Mosseri mentioned that Instagram will launch more subscription features in the future. It is currently exploring the NFT market within the app. While Instagram has been working on the subscriptions feature for a while, the test version is just a test and it will be expanded to more creators in the coming weeks. The paid subscribers feature is being tested with ten US creators at this point, with more to follow in the coming weeks. The company also stated that it would not collect any fees from the feature until 2023. Regardless, the subscriptions feature may be a welcome addition for creators who want to build a closer bond with their followers. Creators who wish to use the subscriptions feature will see a purple badge next to their profile and activity feed. Subscribers will be distinguished from non-subscribers in comments and DMs. Subscribers will also have access to exclusive content such as Live videos and Instagram stories. Creators should be able to export their subscriber lists to other platforms. Adam noted that this feature will be available to U.S. creators first, and will gradually expand to other countries. As a creator of Instagram, you can take advantage of the new subscriptions feature to earn more money. The subscriptions feature allows you to charge your followers a set amount per month. For each month, subscribers get exclusive access to a variety of content, ranging from 99 cents to $99. You can also broadcast Lives and Stories to subscribers only. If your subscribers are on the premium level, you’ll also get special purple badges and other perks Read More