5 Tips for Longer Range E Bikes

5 Tips for Longer Range E Bikes

E bikes are usually cheaper than gas-powered bikes. But one thing that can affect your electric bike’s performance is its battery capacity. If you’ve been riding along and suddenly lost power mid-ride because your battery was dead. Then you know how frustrating this can be. Luckily there are some simple things you can do to ensure that never happens again. Here are five tips for longer range on electric bikes:

Use the Right Gears

You can’t go faster than the speed of your motor witha hovsco ebike. You need to slow down and switch gears if you want to go farther. The easiest way to do this is by adjusting how far you press the pedal before it starts moving. However, knowing which gear will get you there fastest is also important. Here are some things that should inform the decision:


Will the terrain be flat or hilly? Pave roads with gentle inclines are easier on an electric bike because they allow for lower speeds and more efficient pedaling. It means less strain on both rider and battery. If there are steep grades where speed matters, then using more powerful motors like hub motors would make sense. They offer better torque at higher speeds which translates into more power when accelerating.

Wind & Weight Of Bike

The weight of your bike will determine how quickly it needs charging. If there are long stretches between the charging station. Then having extra batteries can help.

Charge e-bike Battery Fully Before Each Ride

When you charge a battery, you should charge it fully before the first ride and then after every ride. This ensures that your battery won’t suffer from damage.

Get a Higher Capacity Battery

The most straightforward way to get a longer range is by getting a higher-capacity battery. It’s as simple as that. The more energy your battery can store, the farther you’ll be able to go before needing to recharge it. Higher capacity batteries are also heavier than lower capacity ones and cost more. However, they’re also usually easier to fit on an electric bike because they’re physically smaller than smaller batteries,

You’ll want to ensure that whatever battery pack you get matches the voltage of your motor controller. So that everything works together seamlessly when you plug in your bike.

Battery light

The battery light of this hovsco ebikes comes with 120 PCS LED Lamp Beads. It has a 4-meter range. And it covers a 20 m² Area. One of the best features of this bike is the battery light. This feature is great for safety. It will alert people to your presence.

Comfortable electric bike

This bike is comfortable even though its legs spread farther apart than usual due to its wide base width. It means feet get more room than usual too. If someone wants more space between their legs while sitting upright on their backside, this bike will provide you.

Try a Lighter Bike

The reasons hovsco electric bikes are so popular is because they’re easy to ride, even for people with mobility issues. A lighter bike will be easier to pedal and more fun! A lighter bike means it’s easier to carry upstairs and lift into and out of cars.

Be Efficient and Enter Low Power Mode

When you want to go faster, stand up and pedal harder. Pedaling at a higher cadence will help you get where you’re going quicker than just sitting down and cranking away. Be efficient with your pedaling motion. Think about pushing the pedals across their full range of motion. Don’t just turn them over quickly in one spot and focus on your posture as well: Keep your back straight while riding and avoid leaning too far forward or backward on the saddle.

Things that you can do to ride your electric bike on a single charge

You can do some things to ride your electric bike farther on a single charge.

Use the right gears.

Riding with too high of gear will kill your range, so shift down to an easier gear whenever possible. This will make it easier to climb hills and won’t wear out your motor as fast.

Get a higher-capacity battery.

 A higher capacity battery means more energy is stored inside of it. It’ll last longer than other batteries on longer trips without needing as much recharging from our outlets.

Final Words

We hope you now have some ideas for getting the most out of your hovsco ebikes. These tips are for everyone, but we think they might help you get farther on your next ride.