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One of the best small businesses you can start with a small workforce is a roadside help company. It is not necessary to invest millions of dollars in this firm; one or two towing vehicles and a few personnel would suffice. A roadside assistance company can produce excellent outcomes and yield a high return on investment. The numbers in general have favoured the roadside assistance industry.

The global market for automobile roadside assistance is expected to reach USD 29 billion by 2026.

Surprising… Isn't that so? Let's get right to it and figure out what this is all about!

What Is Roadside Assistance Services?
"Roadside Assistance" refers to helping people who are travelling by car and need help if something goes wrong. Consider a situation in which a person is driving his car and the tyre becomes perforated unexpectedly. Roadside assistance may appear and provide professional repair services for a cost in some instances. In recent years, the roadside assistance industry has made a comeback, and it has reappeared as a promising investment option for astute investors.

The term "roadside assistance" encompasses a broader range of services than merely car repair. It can be used to solve a variety of problems in a variety of settings. Nowadays, the car is the most prevalent mode of transportation. With thousands of vehicles on the road every day, some will undoubtedly break down and require roadside assistance.

<h2>How Does Stuck Clone Road-side Assistance Work?</h2>
Before we get into the guidelines for creating a roadside assistance app, let's go over the following steps:
•	The user logs in to the app using their registered mobile number or social media account.
•	Users will search their local region for tow trucks.
•	They have the option of booking the service straight away or scheduling it for a later date.
•	The tow truck driver will be notified of the user's request via the app.
•	The user can track the driver in real-time after the request is authorised.
•	When the vehicle gets at the users' location, he or she offers towing.
•	Users can use a credit card, cash, or an in-app wallet to pay for services.
•	Both the consumer and the driver can evaluate and review each other after the service is completed.

Business Models ForStuck Clone App 
1.	Aggregator App: With this business model you can connect the users and the Towing services, Road-side assistance and relevant service provider on a single platform. You can leverage various revenue generation like commission, cancellation charges, user registration fees, membership fees, loyalty programs, etc. 

2.	Single Service Aggregator: It is a single platform app acts like a store where you will be handling the booking, despatch and your revenue. The profits will be     his entails developing a tow truck Uber-style app. It lets you to manage any high-demand service verticals, such as tyre replacement, towing, refuelling, and mechanical repairs, from within the app.

3.	Chain of Roadside assistance services - This kind of business model where your users will place their request and you’re nearest roadside assistance chain store will provide them quick services. This way the stranded customer won’t have to wait long.

Features to Include in Stuck Clone App for Your Road-assistance Business
The Roadside App Solution comes integrated with multi-languages and currencies including English and USD (American Dollar). Thus you can hassle-free launch in any foreign location.

Choosing from the type of the services
What kind of road-side assistance you require, availability in your proximity, charges, etc. can be determined through this feature. Hence, making it easy for your users to choose and book the services in few taps.

Schedule now or later
The feature allows your users to schedule their booking “Now” or on for “Later Date” depending on their urgency. Thus offering complete convenience. 

This feature allows the Admin to send mass notifications, introductory offers, promo-codes and other important news with ease. Thus, the users are well-informed and can take the benefit of the same.

In-app call feature 
The feature allows the user and the driver to connect through in-app call masking their phone numbers. Thus, maintaining their confidentiality.

In Conclusion
With our on-demand mobile app development services, you can start a profitable towing business. We can create a roadside assistance app that anyone may use to contact and request assistance with a single tap.
As a result, astute entrepreneurs will recognise this huge opportunity and develop a personalised Stuck Clone App. V3Cube can help you create an on-demand roadside assistance software that will help you achieve your business goals quickly.

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