How To Clean Your Car Like A Professional

How To Clean Your Car Like A Professional

There is nothing better than having your vehicle professionally cleaned. Professional detailers will ensure the best quality of cleanliness and provide the best quality that makes your car’s interior and exterior look new. Cleaning your car to this standard may seem impossible however with the proper tools and techniques, you can do the same results at home. This is our guide on how to maintain your car as professionals.

The bottom line is that we would like the best for our cars. We were the ones to spend the money or put in the effort to restore it. If we don’t want to allow eating in our cars, then why do we want to settle for the least-quality clean or go for for long periods without washing it?

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Cleaning Your Car Like A Professional

Follow the step-by-step instructions here to give your vehicle to the care and cleaning it deserves! Detailers for car care have many strategies and tricks that they use to give you the best car detailing experience. However, they can all be easily replicated at home. We refer to tools and other items that are utilized throughout. Here’s how you can get your car clean as a professional

Begin Cleaning Vehicle Inside

DIY car cleaners frequently make mistakes when cleaning their car interiors. Start from the top, and move down until you reach the carpet.

Cleaning your vehicle this way will ensure that dirt is pulled down and swept away in one sweep instead of beginning at the bottom and pushing dust off your doors or seats back into freshly cleaned carpet. This could be an unnecessary waste of effort and time.

Take everything out of your vehicle, including the car mats. Also, feel under the seat along with cracks and cracks between them to make sure all debris is picked up and taken away. Learn more about how to get into the crevices and cracks to thorough cleaning of the inside of your vehicle.

Using a Detailing Brush & Other Tools

The most effective method to get rid of dirt and dust from your car is by using the small detailer brush. This can remove debris and grime from all places on your dashboard and console. All the professional car cleaners employ one to join them, so get a detailer brush! You’ll need to hold an abrasive wand in the vicinity of the brush and suck up dirt and dust while you work. This stops it from hitting the carpet and can help you save time in cleaning it later.

If you’re looking for a car wash near you, be sure to check out, car wash near me Many of these washes offer great deals on car washes and other services, so it’s a great way to start if you need a car wash.

Clean The Interior

Cleaning your interior will differ based on the kind of leather you own. Here are the steps on how to clean cloth as well as leather interiors.

While cleaning your house be sure to clean your seat belts scrub using a cloth and warm water. Add laundry detergent into the water will give it pleasant scent. Also, make sure that your seat belts are soft too.

Cloth Interior

To clean your interior cloth Begin with a quick vacuum that will take away any dust, dirt or other debris. The next step is to use the stain-removing product and brush first to take off any stains. Gyeon’s product will eliminate dirt and staining and leave your interior clean and fresh exactly like how professionals use it! It is ideal for both cloth and fabric interiors. However before you apply it, ensure whether it’s appropriate to your interior.

Interior leather

If you have a leather interior you’ll also need to vacuum up dust and dirt. The next step is to follow this up with the use of a leather cleaner such as Gyeon’s. Their powerful leather cleaner is ideal for those who want to pre-coat to protect their interior leather. It can break down the dirt, oily residue and make your leather ready to be ready for the coating. There’s also the gentle leather cleanser for those with clean leather that doesn’t require the strength and depth of a clean.

Make use of their brushes to apply the products and scrub your leather. Once the leather’s interior is thoroughly cleaned, apply the coating to ensure the leather is safe and soft. This will prevent drying, staining cracks, scratches, or any other damages. It is recommended to use a towel for applying this. The use of microfiber is the best choice as it won’t leave any streaks!

Protecting Car’s Dashboard

If you are cleaning your dashboard be cautious with the type of protection spray you choose to use. A dashboard protector spray made of silicone leaves a sticky film on your dash , which can draw more dust. This means more clean-up for you! The dust can also reflect onto your windshield, creating reflections and glare that can blur your night vision.

Take the silicone sprays out of the shop and purchase an alternative that is non-silicone vinyl cleaner to useinstead. Gyeon’s solution will not fade or discolor the trim on your interior and will eliminate dirt and dust quickly and leave no residue to be left behind! It’s great when used in conjunction along with the Preserve which helps preserve the trim pieces when they’re faded. It is UV-protected and dust repellents!

Cleaning Vehicle’s Carpet

Once you’ve removed all dust from your door panels seats and dashboard, you’ll need to start working on your carpet. Carpets in cars are known for their ability to hold dirt. When you hoover, there’ll still be dirt left. To remove it all you need a hard brush to scrub your carpet while you vacuum.

The dirt particles will bounce off the surface, which gives you the chance to draw them in your vacuum cleaner and eliminate them from your vehicle. When you’ve pets living in the vehicle it is recommended to apply a lint roller, or duct tape on the carpet to draw hair away.

Then, you should pay focus to the floor mats. Rub them together to get rid of dirt before laying them on the floor or on the driveway. It is possible to use a vacuum to clean any remaining dirt, or a lint roller to remove pet hair that is tough from the fibers.


In order to clean the inside of your vehicle as experts do, you’ll need to wash your windows. Keep them for the end to get rid of any overspray that has accumulated on the vinyl coverings. It is recommended to use glass cleaners and a microfiber cloth to make sure that there aren’t any streaks that remain.

The Q2M window cleaner from Gyeon is fast and easy cleaning that can remove any oily residue. It will also give the user a clean, clear window to take pleasure in! Furthermore is that you can use it free of worry as it’s safe for all of your interior materials like vinyl, leather, and Alcantara. In the end, make use of newspaper to clean and dry the windows once the glass cleaner is applied.

If you want to dry your windshield, it is best to wipe it in two directions. The interior side should be cleaned horizontally and the outside side vertically. This will let you determine what side is streaked (if there are any) and then take them off quickly!

Clean your exterior

Once the interior is done and the interior cleaned, it’s time to head out and clean the outside of your vehicle. We have additional tips to share as well as a quick and easy method to get your car dry!

Washing & Rinsing Your Vehicle

One of the most effective tricks that all experts know is to wash your vehicle prior to washing! Applying soapy water to dry paint can cause road grit and surface dust into your paint finish which can cause tiny scratches and harm to your paint. This is not what you’re looking for! To avoid the pain start as the professional detailers, using a an easy water rinse to get rid of dirt and dust off outside of the vehicle.

Proper Washing Techniques for Your Vehicle

If you are looking for soap, you’ll want to select the best soap! Although most DIYers simply take the dish soap out of their kitchen cabinets, you will need make sure to choose the correct soap, just like the professionals use. Dishwashing detergent is too harsh and can suck essential oils out of the finish of your car, reducing the lifespan that your car’s paint will last!

Use car detailers copied from the internet and car wash soap for professional detailing! Check out the Q2M bath Essence for highly concentrated car shampoo. It’s expected to last for 80 washes, and the ability to break through dirt grime, grime, and organic contamination easily! It’s safe for apply to all exterior surfaces and won’t affect any coating , or give you a perfect appearance. It’s perfect for cars with coatings and when combined with a premium wash mitts, you’ll get a friction-free cleaning experience!

Like we said earlier it is recommended to make use of a washcloth to clean your vehicle. Take out your sponges because they can trap dirt and grit within their huge pores. You do not want to wash your car using a dirty sponge, would you? If you do wring the sponge the grit is likely to stay there. Once it’s in, it’s similar to washing your car with sandpaper. Not great!

Instead, go for the microfiber car wash mitt. All grit and dirt will go away as you wash, making sure that it doesn’t harm your car in the future cleanings.

In addition it is also advisable to make use of two buckets. Make sure you have one filled with clean soapy water and another for rinse water. After every wash, grab your clean wash mitt and place it into the rinse bucket. Stir it around to remove any dirt or dust.

After that, soak it in the soapy water, and continue along with cleaning your vehicle. It is important to drain the water from the rinse that has been contaminated and replace it with fresh water prior to moving on to the opposite side of the car which will help keep your soapy water sparkling.


Be sure to wash your tires, too! It is recommended to wash the rubber portion as well as your alloy or metal rims using the help of a glove. Gyeon offers a great cleaning agent for tires which you can utilize to accomplish this, providing you with a brand new appearance without having to do lots of work. Apply it on the surface of a cloth, and then work it over the tire prior to leaving to dry.

We suggest doing this after your vehicle has been washed and washed. It’s possible that you’ll need to wash off any watermarks or bubbles prior to starting work and make sure to have a clean cloth in your bag.


When drying your vehicle, follow the pros and use a towel made of microfiber! Most DIYers use the chamois, which soaks up water, but it won’t take up any grit left over after washing. Instead the chamois grinds dust particles into paint. A microfiber towel is able to take the particles away instead.

It is recommended to wash the towel with clean water to wash away the grit that it accumulates Wring it and after that, dry the exterior of your car.

Another method used by the pros is to dry their clothes! It can cut down on waiting for the car to dry naturally , and also the time and effort it takes to dry your vehicle using microfiber towels. There are several dryers available but none can compare to Blo! There are three sizes that are available based on the power you need We love Blo’s air-GT.

It is equipped with two motors that provide lots of energy. If you have a huge car, or you do not want to wait around for drying time to get your car in the rain, this is the model that’s right for you! It is able to heat at least 30 degrees aboveambient temperatures to ensure the most efficient drying speed for you. The big blower may be somewhat heavy to move however, thanks to the rotating wheels, you can maneuver everything in your garage in no time. The model also comes with lock for wheels to ensure that those who have driveways with slopes don’t have to worry.

The hose can also be extended to allow you to transport large cars or even trucks with no tension.

You can enjoy a dry, drip-free experience with no effort from you. The company also offers a three-year warranty that will provide you with security and security. What more can you ask for?


Before polishing your car, you should take an idea from the professionals’ book and clean minor scratches prior to using any type of polish! Polishing will enhance the shine of your vehicle, but it will not remove scratches, which may be evident after polishing or may even decrease the amount of shine that you will receive.

To get the best outcomes, start with an initial scratch removal kit and after that finish with a polish. It should give you more shine than previously! Gyeon’s polish is applied with microfiber cloths or you can utilize an automated machine if you prefer. The polish is amazing and can provide the professional shine we all love.

To become the professional detailer that you were born to be, you’ll require an instrument that can polish in two actions. Some people may think that this is buffers that run at high speeds but that’s not something you want to do! Buffers generally operate at higher speeds and may scratch the paint off your vehicle if you leave them in one spot for too long or press it too far, making them difficult to operate. Polishers however tend to run at slower speed, with a twitching while they turn.

They’re also very easy to utilize and within a matter of minutes anyone can be an expert! Making this step prior to waxing can make a big impact, making it an investment you should consider. If you are using a polisher you’ll need use the polish onto the pad of the machine, then wipe the pad over the paint. This will prevent the polish from flying off the pad when you trigger!


The next step is to polish your vehicle. While an old-fashioned paste wax looks great on old automobiles, they do not have the same wet look you experience with modern synthetic wax. Neither do they last for as long. You may have received an adhesive for your paint from your dealer when you purchased your vehicle but it’s actually an extremely high-quality synthetic wax. Therefore, save some cash and apply it yourself.

Use a wax that is synthetic then apply the wax in tiny sections with a sponge for wax application.

After you’ve waxed the car, you’ll need to get rid of it. It’s recommended to duplicate the car detailing techniques again and apply a microfiber cloth. It is possible to use them in circular motions to clean off the wax fog. While you load the towel filled with wax, roll it up in an unclean section. When the towel is completely filled, switch it for a new towel to ensure you’re getting rid of the wax without spreading it across the vehicle.

How To Clean Your Car Like A Professional

After you’ve finished take a moment to admire your job! You’ve now completed your car’s professional cleaning and detailing at the convenience at home! It might take a during the initial few instances, but you’ll be sure to take pleasure in the process and the time spent in your vehicle! Make sure to look over


site or to see a complete listing of products they provide, you’ll be certain to leave with a basket filled with treats to take home for your car. And to use the

BLO dryer

to get your car dry efficiently and quickly.