Top 5 Virtual Assistant Agencies

Virtual Assistant Agency

The best virtual assistant agency for you depends on your needs. Some executives may not want to hire and train an additional employee or are too busy to handle the administrative work involved. This type of service can provide scalability, backup assistants, background checks, and secure computers, networks, and facilities. However, managed VA services typically work on a monthly retainer and are not ideal for small or occasional projects.

Virtual Assistant Agency

Why You Choose Virtual Assistant Agency?

The BELAY virtual assistant agency uses a rigorous screening process to find and hire talented remote professionals. The company offers services for both small businesses and executives. BELAY hires virtual assistants with Bachelor’s degrees or higher. Clients are assigned a Client Success Consultant who helps find the right talent for their needs. BELAY also offers a kickoff call before a virtual assistant begins working on your project.

Whether you need help with website maintenance or bookkeeping, BELAY will find the right VA for your needs. Their team of VAs are college-educated and have undergone a six-week intensive training program. Their services can range from completing a brief online form to light bookkeeping.

Costs of Hiring Virtual Assistant Agency

PAS is a bpo company that matches employers with top-tier virtual assistants and online freelancers. The company’s mission is to streamline the process of hiring a VA so that employers can focus on the work that they do best. The FreeUp platform provides employers with vetted applicants who are ready to work as soon as possible. Applicants are reviewed by FreeUp staff and are matched with a project within 24 hours. Once an employer decides to hire a freelancer, the payment process is handled by the FreeUp platform.

DOS has been around since 2015, and it has successfully competed with larger, established virtual assistant agencies in the US. DOS has a global reach, though its users are mostly from the United States. The company offers competitive pricing, and it does not require a membership or other hidden costs. Its popularity and affordability earned it top marks in our evaluation.

Virtual Assistant Agency

Finding a Virtual Assistant Agency

The Wing virtual assistant agency offers a diverse range of services designed for growing businesses. Their dedicated staff is detail-oriented and motivated to meet your needs. DOS corporate team is spread throughout the world, so their representatives are close by to provide personalized support to your team. success managers are available to answer your questions and provide immediate feedback.

Digitech Outsourcing Solution services are cost-effective. The company offers two plans: Basic and Pro. The Basic plan is $799 per month, while the Pro plan is $1,499 per month. The Pro plan includes eight hours of coverage from two VAs and a Customer Success Manager.

Advantages of Hiring a Virtual Assistant Agency

BELAY VA is an established virtual assistant agency that matches clients with a VA that suits their needs. The monthly fee is $40-50. The VAs earn $15-19 per hour, or about 38% of the monthly fee. While the prices are lower than many other agencies, BELAY’s team has high employee turnover. Some of the services BELAY offers include inbox maintenance and light bookkeeping.

BELAY offers virtual assistant services nationwide. Their team of virtual assistants is based in the U.S. and are experienced in working with small businesses. The company also offers website specialists and bookkeepers. Before hiring a virtual assistant through Belay, you’ll need to complete an application.

Virtual Assistant Agency

Policies of Virtual Assistant Agency

The Time etc., VA virtual assistant agency offers college-educated virtual assistants with a variety of specialties. Their VAs have worked at leading organizations and have expertise in organizational support, administrative support, social media, marketing, and selling. In addition, the agency also offers hourly rates and a money-back guarantee.

Many of these agencies match clients with 1099 contractors, which can be less expensive than hiring a full-time employee, but you have to be aware of legal compliance issues. For example, hiring a 1099 contractor for ongoing support could put you in violation of federal and state labor laws, but they are great for project-based work. Depending on the situation, you can find VAs who can help you with calendar management, marketing, social media, and recurring tasks. You can also find VAs who specialize in certain areas, like data presentation, voicemail, and travel arrangements.

Final Thoughts

If you are looking to hire a virtual assistant but don’t know where to start, FreeUp is an agency that can recommend a virtual assistant within a day. The agency vets applicants, only hires the best, and matches clients with candidates for 15 to 30-minute interviews. This service is much faster than Upwork, which can take days or weeks to find qualified candidates.

Before you choose your VA, you should determine how many hours you need them to work. If you need them to work for only a few hours a week, you should expect to pay a lower salary than if you hired a full-time employee. Furthermore, you should consider how much experience the VA has so that you can gauge their ability.