How To Have Healthy Pregnancy?

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As you prepare yourself to embrace the blessing of motherhood, it is essential to take good care of yourself to ensure good health. While you seek advice from the best gynecologist doctor, you may find them in the best gynecology hospital in Coimbatore.

As you begin your journey from getting the pregnancy test positive until you bring your baby to this world, you need proper care and treatment. The best gynaecology hospital in Coimbatore has the best gynaecologist for pregnancy in their doctor’s team. Once you are pregnant, it is vital to have early and prompt prenatal care to keep you and your baby healthy. We will discuss some essential tips to ensure a healthy pregnancy.

Tips to ensure a healthy pregnancy:

Let us see some simple lifestyle changes that will help you plan a pregnancy and maintain a safe and healthy pregnancy if you are already planning to extend your family.

Gain healthy weight:

As you plan a pregnancy or maintain it, gaining an appropriate weight is very necessary for every women. Too little or too much weight gain may pose a threat to you and your baby. A healthy weight gain ensures the following:

  • An easy delivery.
  • Reduction of the risk of obesity-related disorders during pregnancy.
  • An easy return to your normal body weight post-delivery.

It is natural for you and your family to wish for normal delivery. Visit the best hospital for the normal delivery of your baby, as they guide you with proper exercises and diet. 

Make the right food choices:

Check with the best gynecologist doctor in Coimbatore regarding the type and quantity of food items.

Foods to eat:

Have a wide variety of fresh vegetables, fruits, legumes, whole grains, and adequate proteins. Whole grains, fruits, legumes, and plenty of water will help you keep away constipation.

Improve calcium intake by having dairy products such as low-fat cheese, yoghurt, and fat-free milk.

Have iron-rich food such as spinach, tofu, beans, ragi, jaggery, eggs, fish, and poultry.

Foods to limit or avoid:

  • Limit your caffeine intake.
  • Avoid eating raw eggs and soft cheese as they may cause food poisoning.
  • Avoid fish such as sharks as it contains high mercury content.
  • Keep away from high salt and sugar-containing food items.
  • If you are craving non-food items such as clay, laundry starch, ashes, you need to contact your gynaecologist.

Stay physically active:

Stay active while you are pregnant.Exercise will help you sleep better, improve blood circulation and strengthen your muscles. Talk to your doctor before you take any exercise regimen.

  • Perform 15-30 minutes of moderate-intensity aerobic exercises such as walking, cycling, and swimming.
  • Take yoga sessions and breathing exercises to help your heart and lungs function better.
  • Kegel exercise will strengthen your perineal muscles (near the pelvis) for easy delivery. Exercise helps reduce chances of elevation in blood pressure during pregnancy (preeclampsia) and shortens labor time.
  • Drink plenty of fluids to make up for the fluid losses during exercise. Apply sunscreen if you go out to work out.

Nutrition supplements:

To make up for the deficit of nutrients, vitamins, and minerals, your doctor may prescribe folic acid, vitamin B12, and iron supplements for your and your baby’s healthy development.

Get immunized:

As you plan your pregnancy, discuss with your doctor regarding immunization. The best gynecologist for pregnancy in Coimbatore will help and guide you regarding the pre-pregnancy vaccines necessary for the safety of your baby. Also, take seasonal vaccines if available to avoid infections during pregnancy.

Avoid exposure to chemicals:

Avoid getting exposed to chemicals such as pollution, pesticides, toxic fumes from industries, fertilizers. Do not take antibiotics or other medicines without your doctor’s permission.

Quit bad habits:

  • Avoid smoking cigarettes or having tobacco in any form.
  • Do not expose yourself to second-hand tobacco smoke.
  • Say no to alcohol. Alcohol consumption during pregnancy may put you at risk of having a miscarriage, stillbirth, or premature birth. It may put your kid at the risk of having a spectrum disorder.

Get regular dental examinations:

Hormonal changes during pregnancy may inflame your gums. Continue visiting the dentist for a regular dental check-up during pregnancy.

Get enough rest:

Adequate rest helps eliminate stress, anxiety, and depression. Try the following:

  • Practice relaxation techniques, listen to calming music.
  • If you have a toddler to look after while you are pregnant, rest is essential to avoid getting tired.
  • Take care of your mental and physical health during pregnancy to have a safe and healthy pregnancy.
  • Join some mom-to-be groups or subscribe to some relaxation and stress-relieving activities. Do not do everything yourself. Seek help from your family, parents, and friends if needed.

Pregnancy is a fulfilling journey as you experience a new life growing inside you. Watch for the warning signs such as vaginal bleeding, pain, or any other infection or illness during pregnancy. These need a quick visit to the doctor. See your gynaecologist regularly. Let your health be your top priority. Never miss a follow-up appointment with your gynaecologist at the best hospital for normal delivery. Prepare for the new baby, shop for comfortable maternity and baby clothes.

We hope this article helps you manage good health during pregnancy times. The best hospital in Coimbatore has a team of skilled gynaecologists. The best gynaecologist for normal delivery will help you make your pregnancy journey easy with simple tips and ideas.