Basic Kitchen Tools For Beginners

To prepare well for home cooking, it is very necessary and useful to review the important kitchen tools for the cooking process or prepare for cooking process. equipment and learn how to use and maintain them. And here are the basic kitchen tools for beginners.

1. Cooking stove

The stove is an indispensable component for cooking, no matter what type of stove you use, it must be clean, and convenient, and the heat transfer efficiency must be high so that the food is provided with enough heat to cook evenly. and has a delicious taste, depending on the conditions, equip yourself with a suitable stove.

Common types of stoves:

Induction cooker: Suitable for indoor cooking, clean, fast cooking speed, but not suitable for fried dishes, grilled dishes.. and picky pots

Infrared cooker: It is a versatile stove, that cooks on all types of pots, cooks all dishes, suitable for indoor cooking, clean and safe, but the cooking speed is not high.

Gas stove: This is the most popular type of stove today in our country, high heat, high cooking speed, not picky about pot, not picky about dishes, clean, but fire safety and environmental protection are still there. left open.

2. Pot

The pot is a basic kitchen tool that is indispensable for every family, people use the pot to cook all the basic dishes. But no matter what material pot you use, normal or genuine, you should have 4 types as follows:

Storage pot: Small capacity, usually less than 2L, for storing fish or meat in moderate quantities, in addition to making stews or sauces, this pot should be made of stainless steel or porcelain.

Basic Kitchen Tools

Soup pot: With a capacity of 5L again, often used to cook soup, boil vegetables, cook soup, or broth, usually made of stainless steel for fast heat transfer and quick cooking.

Stewpot: Larger than 5L, This type is usually very heavy, thick, retains heat well, dissipates heat evenly, used to stew dishes for a long time, the dish will have a more delicious taste, if conditions permit, buy a cast iron pot for your family, this stew is the best.

Cooking pot: In the family, of course, there will be important occasions when many people need to cook in large quantities, so a pot with a capacity of 15-30L is also essential, in addition to cooking hot pot broth, the stew, Lagu, curry,…

3. Pan

Frying, frying, pan-frying, making sauces, and baking .. are the basic tasks of a pan, we tend to buy a nonstick pan that costs a few hundred thousand to refill and use them. for all purposes, that’s not good at all nonstick pans are coated with a layer of Teflon on the aluminum or steel surface to prevent sticking, and in the initial use.

They proved quite effective at resisting. sticky, but only for a while, under the effect of heat and improper use (using hard, sharp metal objects when cooking ..) the non-stick coating peels off causing a hazard to health and the pan. non-stick becomes..very sticky.

The advice is that we should equip steel, cast iron, or aluminum pans (all non-stick coated) for cooking, and learn how to transform your pan from .. a non-stick pan to a non-stick pan. And learn how to maintain the pan after use. That is the best way to protect your health.

4. Kitchen knives 

Using a knife is an art in the process of cooking, handling ingredients, and decorating dishes. There is also a course on using kitchen knives for users to slice, cut yarn, cut seeds, chop, and trim .. in which learners must control the speed of the cutter, keep their hands safe when cutting, and how create the perfect cut for each dish.

There are many home kitchens today that are using knives in the wrong way and completely do not know how to maintain knives for this tool to work effectively, which is shown by using the wrong knives for different purposes (knives and knives). Thai people cut bones, cut bone knives to cut vegetables and meat, use kitchen knives to cut trees, and firewood ..) and also do not know what to do when knives become dull over time despite investing in a very good knife set.

Regardless of family conditions, the advice here is that we should have at least 3 basic knives for every family: A slicing knife, gift knife, and chopping knife ( if possible, you can buy other knives such as fish knives, sashimi knives, cake knives, …)

As their name suggests, we must use each knife correctly for each use, not mixed. In addition, an additional sharpening stone to glance at the knife so that the knife is always sharp is essential. In addition, don’t forget to find discount codes for Kitchen knives to save money when purchasing.

Basic Kitchen Tools

5. Cutting board

A good cutting board and large enough to cut and chop food is not in dispute, but the truth is that it is necessary to have 2, one for handling raw food and one for cooking, not particularly confusing. Currently, contaminated foods are rampant in the market.

But if we choose a cutting board, which type should we choose? On the market today there are many types of cutting boards, from wooden cutting boards to plastic cutting boards, and glass cutting boards.. it will be a bit confusing to choose, but when you understand the characteristics of each type of cutting board, it is not difficult to choose.

Tempered glass cutting board:

Advantages: Clean, not dusty, or contaminated with molds, Cons: Very harmful to knives, not used to cut large bones, if dropped, may break.

Plastic cutting board:

Quite popular today, the size is thick and thin depending on demand, and easy to use for all purposes of cutting, and chopping, but one disadvantage is that when used for a long time, the plastic chips can be broken and mixed with food.

Wooden cutting board:

There are many types of wooden cutting boards used for all purposes, finely chopped, evenly chopped, and hand-cut. The downside is that you have to take good care of it after each use, otherwise it is easy to produce mold that is not good for your health.


Above are the most basic kitchen tools for beginners. You should refer to being able to own all the above tools to be able to master your kitchen to create delicious dishes for your family. Good luck.

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