Cloakroom Vanity Unit Ideas for Small Bathrooms

Cloakroom Vanity Unit

Cloakroom vanity units are the compact storage that is for every small bathroom. Designing a bathroom is no easy task, let alone a small bathroom or cloakroom. Small bathrooms offer limited options when it comes to choosing the fixtures and bathroom furniture. This demands some extra creativity and ingenious ideas to get the best out of the space you have.

You can always choose smaller fixtures that fit in perfectly, but that would sacrifice the theme and style you want to exhibit in your bathroom. If you are building a cloakroom that has limited space to install your favourite vanity unit, we have some creative ideas you can try out. We can help you build a fully functional bathroom without undermining the style you want to indulge.  

Planning Bathroom Storage with Cloakroom Vanity Unit.

The first thing that you will need to look for when planning for storage with cloakroom vanity units is the availability of space. The one thing that you will need to look for in congested spaces like the cloakroom is space-saving ideas. Any cabinet or storage that is compact or can save you save the space. There can be various types of such storage that can help you with it either by combining the functionalities or due to the small size. 

Space Saving Bathroom Storage for Your Cloakroom.

As discussed earlier that the first motive when thinking to install bathroom storage for our cloakroom should be space-saving. So, if you look closely, there are various such pieces of furniture available in the market that can help you with that. Besides that, there are specific or certain categories of such units that can help you with it. 

  • You can choose from a wall-mounted design, a tall boy, or any similar design that does not require much space. 
  • You can check any such vanities that can combine a sink as work or even come with an attached toilet. So, you will not need any separate utility, offering you incredible space-saving.

Cloakroom Vanity Unit Ideas

We have discussed different available options for your cloakroom.

Wall-mounted Vanity Unit

Wall-mounted vanity units have been a popular choice for small bathrooms. If you are eyeing to create a minimalistic and contemporary-style bathroom, wall-hung vanities are the way to go. These vanity units mount straight on the wall with the help of bolts instead of simply standing on the floor, creating a futuristic view.

By attaching to the wall, these vanity units take no floor space making your bathroom appear spacey and airy. Despite being a wonderful space-saving solution, these vanity units offer enough space to store your bathroom essentials allowing you to keep the rest of your bathroom uncluttered.

The space beneath the vanity unit can be a place for your bathing slippers, bathmat, or bathroom cleaners. Wall-hung vanities also offer you the choice between using a ceramic sink or washbowl on top of the storage cabinet.

Cloakroom Vanity Unit

The cloakroom trend is quickly picking up the pace in the country. More and more people are transforming the leftover space under the stairs into fully functional cloakrooms. With so little space to work with, installing a washbasin would seem the only appropriate option to go with, but that would have a terrible impact on the style of the room.  

If you really want to install a vanity unit inside to preserve the elegance of the space, cloakroom vanity units are the key. These vanities come in small and compact sizes that smoothly fit in the space. I usually design the sink or washbowl of the vanity units to match the size of the cabinet below with no additional countertop space. Meaning you would have little or no space to place your cloakroom essentials.

However, being small does not mean you would have to sacrifice the design. Cloakroom storage units are available in a wide variety of both traditional and contemporary designs. Irrespective of their limited functionality and congested size, the cloakroom needs some storage space to put toiletries and other bathroom essentials.  

Tall Boy Storage Unit

Tallboy can be great storage if you can not get cloakroom vanity units. These fix on the wall and only take space in length. That means there will be less impact on the overall availability of bathroom space. It is stylish and offers you a lot of storage space at the same time as well. 

  • Corner Vanity Units. 

A corner is such a space in every bathroom that they often leave it empty. There is usually not much use of this space. However, there are types of furniture available in the market that fit within the corner. These have a unique shape and fit perfectly in a corner. Not only do these look great, offer space-saving but also offer ample storage capacity. Therefore, it can be a great addition to your cloakroom. 

Final Thoughts About Cloakroom Vanity Unit UK

For the cloakroom vanity unit UK, you have various options available. From wall-hung vanities to tallboy and corner storages, you can save space. And all that without compromising on the style and functionality. You can check Royal Bathrooms’ online store in the UK for many bathroom furniture. 

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