Beginner’s Guide to Ashtanga Yoga

Ashtanga yoga

Want to learn a yoga style that challenges your mental and physical limits? You should give Ashtanga yoga a try. Popular as a more intense type of yoga, Ashtanga yoga has been a challenge for yogis for many years.

To help you understand this deep and effective yoga style, yoga experts have come up with a small guide.

Beginner’s Guide to Ashtanga Yoga

Ashtanga yoga is a vigorous yoga style that includes a set sequence of yoga asanas where you learn to co-ordinate breathing with the right body movement. There are a total of six levels of sequences in Ashtanga yoga.

These six sequences include Primary, Secondary, and four Advanced series of Ashtanga yoga. You can enroll in a certified 500 hour yoga teacher training to learn about each of the Ashtanga yoga series.

However, as a beginner to Ashtanga yoga, there are some things which you should expect.

5 Things to Expect During First Ashtanga Yoga Class

Given below are a few things which you should expect during the starting Ashtanga yoga classes.

Expect to Fail

Yes! Practicing Ashtanga yoga is not supposed to be easy during the initial classes. Ashtanga yoga is one style which requires you to possess a strong mind with body. If you are able to get over failure and learn; in time you would be practicing Ashtanga yoga without any hassle.

Start Small

With Ashtanga yoga, keep in mind never to bite more than you can chew. This means you should never go for the Advanced Series unless you master the Primary series. Yoga experts recommend you start with Sun Salutations. In other words, keep practicing and over time you would be ready to practice Advanced yoga asanas.

Focus on Breathing

Remember, the real magic of yoga happens when you breath smoothly with the right body movement. Deep breathing is the bridge which connects your conscious and subconscious mind together. You should enroll in a certified 500 hour yoga teacher training to learn the right breathing technique from yoga experts.

Do Not Compare

With any yoga style, it is not about the number of asanas you can practice which makes you a better yogi. It is more about the inner mental and spiritual work than just the physical aspects of yoga. Also, when you learn Ashtanga yoga style, keep in mind to never compare how others are practicing the same asana.


Make sure your daily yoga practice is combined with in-depth reading of yoga beyond its physical aspects. For this you can enroll in a certified yoga school to learn things like the Ashtanga 8 limbs and how these can help you move further in the yoga practice. Once you possess a clear understanding of deeper concepts of Ashtanga yoga, it would be a lot easy to practice.

To make it easier for you to learn Ashtanga yoga, there are a few simple tips you can follow.

Tips to Practice Ashtanga Yoga

It goes without doubt that Ashtanga yoga includes a lot of studying and discipline for success. However, yoga experts have 3 easy-to-follow tips for the same.

Move Comfortably

Yes! Ashtanga yoga is a bit challenging, so it is best to not overdo it right away. Therefore, before trying to go for the full session you should get comfortable with the basics.


Apart from memorizing Ashtanga yoga sequence, this yoga style requires a lot of practice. Yoga experts recommend you practice every posture with precision and make sure you are comfortable with how the body feels.

Keep in mind that a poor body posture, misalignment, or bad positioning leads to a serious injury. You should enroll in a certified 500 hour yoga teacher training to learn Ashtanga yoga under the guidance of experts.

Focus On Yourself

If you are in an Ashtanga yoga class with more experienced yogis, it feels a bit overwhelming at first. You should focus on your breath rather than how the asana looks. Make sure to never compare yourself with other yoga practitioners and focus on improving your skills each day.

This is the guide for any yoga beginner who wants to learn and practice the intensive yoga style of Ashtanga yoga.


After reading this full guide to Ashtanga yoga, you would be aware of all its benefits. Ashtanga yoga is the best option for you to develop a routine of self-discipline and personal yoga practice. Enroll in a Yoga Alliance certified 500 hour yoga teacher training to learn and practice this yoga style under the guidance of yoga masters.

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