What to Consider When Hiring an Immigration Lawyer in Sweden?

Hiring an Immigration Lawyer in Sweden

Many people have to move to different regions of the world due to several reasons. The country where you moved depends upon the reason for which you are migrating. For example, if your plan is to get an education from abroad, you will definitely head to the country with the best institutes in the world. Similarly, for business, your destination would be a country with a maximum number of business opportunities and an established market.

However, some countries are packed with all these facilities and you can move there for any purpose from getting an education to working as an employee. The same thing is in the case of Sweden, as you only need to get a residence permit in Sweden, and you can achieve your goals including business, education, or working there.

The law and order situations of Sweden are also up to the mark, so if you plan to get asylum then you can do so as well as Sweden is a well-known country for giving refuge to a lot of asylum seekers every year. However, you have to apply for a permit to get residence in Sweden. You can do so on your own, however, hiring a professional immigration lawyer is a very good choice.

The most important thing while hiring an immigration lawyer in Sweden is to find out if it is going to be the right choice for you or not. You will never wish to hire someone who could not manage to do your work. Following are some qualities that you must look for in your lawyer.

Legal Certification

The first thing that you should keep in mind before hiring an immigration lawyer is its certification. Make sure that you are hiring a legally certified person. Being a newbie in Sweden or don’t have enough knowledge about lawyers you could easily be scammed by someone who is not even a proper lawyer.

However, such cases are rare due to the strict policies of the Swedish Government. But there is no lack of those lawyers who have a professional degree, but not any legal certificate of practicing law in any court or under any good lawyer. This could waste both your time and money. So be very selective in this regard.


One of the most important things to consider while hiring someone as your immigration lawyer is to check his/her accessibility. If you cannot contact your lawyer when you want then it’s quite useless to hire someone like that. It’s a mandatory thing that the lawyer must be accessible to you for almost 24 hours. Or if this is not possible, then it’s very important to discuss the accessibility hours before hiring, and hire if time matches with your routine.

Special Experience as Immigration Lawyer

Some ordinary lawyers can also help you out in your matters regarding immigration or asylum-seeking. However, you must always prefer to choose between those who are experienced in this field. You must have heard that experience matters, so this rule is applicable here as well. Hiring an experienced lawyer will cost you some extra money, but the result is almost 100 percent success within a very short duration.

Reputation and References

While selecting a lawyer to deal with your immigration problems, always try to hire someone from a group of well-reputed lawyers. An excellent way to find out the reputation of these lawyers is to check the reviews and thoughts of their previous clients. Similarly, keep an eye on their references as well and try to hire the one with solid references.

Communication Skills and Public Dealing

This might not be needed to mention there as these are the most characteristics of every lawyer. The purpose is to just make you aware of it. So always try to hire someone with excellent public dealing and communication skills. Such types of lawyers can put you out of any situation by their dealing methods.

Hiring an immigration lawyer in Gothenburg, Sweden, is not only helpful in order to get you some sort of residence permit but also helpful in dealing with other cases regarding immigration. These other cases might involve the cancellation of a visa or residence permit due to certain reasons.

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