Food You Should Include in Your Diet to Improve Fertility

Improve Fertility

Fertility is the ability of men or women to produce children. The age between 15 to 35 years is of maximum fertility and the chances of conceiving a baby. About 85 percent of the couples in the whole world manage to conceive during that period if they are willing to have babies. However, the remaining 15 percent cannot do so naturally.

The reason behind that is the issues regarding their fertility. You can say that these 15 percent of couples are infertile and lack the ability to produce children. They have to take male and female infertility treatments in order to fulfill their wish of conceiving a baby. Sometimes infertility might be due to several health disorders. Mental and physical health issues are major reasons behind infertility.

Despite having normal physical and mental health conditions, some people fail to conceive a baby. The reason behind that could be decreased fertility. Several things could help you to improve this condition. Diet is one of the major aspects in this case. Including some specific things in your daily diet could improve fertility. Following are some top food items that can be used to boost up your fertility.

Beans and Lentils

Almost all members of the Fabaceae are legumes and are rich sources of proteins. Beans and lentils are some top members of that family and could provide your body with a lot of fibers and proteins. Eating them could be beneficial for your fertility. Both males and female fertility could be boosted by them, however, the effects on female fertility are specifically noticeable.

Eating them will definitely replace the protein source from animals to plants and this will help in ovulation. Other than assisting ovulation, plant proteins prevent your body from ovulatory infections that are a major reason behind female infertility.


Salmon is a rich source of vitamins that are beneficial for both male and female fertility. The first thing is vitamin K that improves the development of sperms and the presence of selenium also assists this process. In females, other than improving fertility, its main impact is on fetal development. So it is beneficial both before and during pregnancy. 

However, the salmon might contain mercury due to its presence in the water. This mercury is dangerous for the sperms and could lead to their incomplete development. In females, it could stop the ovulation and damage the developing fetus in case you already have got pregnant. This leads to several disorders in the newborn and sometimes miscarriage may also happen. So make sure to eat mercury-free fishes and limit their use.


All of you might be aware of the importance of folic acid in your diet when you are trying to get pregnant. Folic acid is a great source to boost fertility. However, you have to take it via food items in which it is present in higher amounts. For that purpose, nothing could beat the use of asparagus as it is considered the power storage house of folic acid.

Eating a normal bowl of it daily will provide your body with 60 to 80 percent of the total folic acid required by your body to conceive a baby. Along with that, total  Vitamin K supply and 20 percent of the other vitamins including A, B, and C are also provided by asparagus.


No one can deny the importance of nuts in life due to the fatty acids and proteins provided by them. They are a rich source of Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids. These fatty acids are very beneficial for mental health and help you to stay away from stress. This will lead to a boost up fertility.

Egg Yolks

Leaving the egg yolk to cut short fat supply is a foolish step as yolk could provide your body with a hefty amount of nutrients. These nutrients include folic acid, vitamin B, and Omega fatty acids. All these help in boosting fertility and embryo development after conception.

From today, start consuming these food items in your daily diet so you don’t have to visit an IVF treatment center in Lahore to conceive a baby.

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