Slight decline in the number of abortions in Dubai

Abortion tablets in Dubai


Dear ones, a while back we had a three-part series where women share their abortions . The articles stir up many of you – some were grateful that we took up this taboo topic, others found that our guest authors were too careless about the topic. Our reader Ina contact us and offer to tell her story. Ina also had an abortion, then became pregnant again and has now decide to have the child. We thank you for your trust and wish you all the luck in the world. “My name is Ina and I recently read Abortion tablets in Dubai on the blog . With a very queasy feeling. Yes, I also had an abortion – and only very few people know about it.  Abortion tablets in Dubai is right, it is really made” easy “for you. In addition, the time window in which to make the decision is very limit, although you have to remember that you are in the absolute chaos of emotions….

In 2012 I had an un plan pregnancy. Because I got migraines from hormonal contraceptive methods, I decide to use the temperature method. That went well for a year – then I held the positive pregnancy test in my hand.

I already had a five-year-old daughter and was self-employ full-time. My partner (he is not the father of my first daughter) and I were together for three years at the time. 

By that he meant the call to  Abortion tablets in Dubai. His determination came as a surprise to me. Yes, I too had doubts whether I should have this child. But I still felt that this step should be consider carefully. Just having a quick abortion – that was out of the question for me. 

When my friend noticed that I was hesitating, he said: “If you have the child, I’ll be gone!”

His parents were also anything but enthusiastic. After all, “such a child” would ruin the reputation of your oh-so-esteem family and I should accept your son’s opinion! And my parents were also against pregnancy. Nobody want to know what I was thinking. 

I let myself be convince that it is best for EVERYONE if this child is not born. At some point I believe it myself and went the way I actually didn’t want to go .

As soon as I had the abortion behind me, I fell into a black hole. I realize that I had let myself be pressure – and I regret it deeply. So much so that I broke off contact with my parents and also with my friend’s parents.

Psychologically I was so exhauste, I could no longer go to work, gave up my independence and after two more years my relationship with my boyfriend also broke up. 

My ex wasn’t the father of my older daughter, but had taken over the role of father. And despite the separation, he want to see the little one. So we never completely lost contact – and after a year off we got back together. Of course we then had sex and we use a condom to use contraception.

3 weeks ago I notic a “pulling” in my chest and thought about the upcoming period – which in the end did not materialize!

I had a lump in my throat! What do I do now?

With 40 years and a 10 year old daughter? With a man by my side who had push me to have an abortion before?

I went to the gynecologist at  Abortion tablets in Dubai, the ultrasound confirm the last doubts. 6 weeks pregnant. 

But this time I was determine to have the child. This time I want to act as I want to. 

In the evening I told my partner about the pregnancy. I was very clear, I didn’t have to cry, I wasn’t jittery. I told him that I would have this child – even without him. 

And he? He said that he doesn’t want to make the same mistake twice either and that this time he will be 100% behind me!

I am 40 and I am at risk of pregnant women. But it’s a huge gift that I can experience all of this again. I don’t give any more to the opinions of others. Let everyone think what they want. 

This little being in me makes me strong and happy. 

My daughter is currently at summer camp and will be home next week. I’m looking forward to seeing her so much and I can’t wait to bring her the good news in the next few weeks!

The number of abortions has fallen slightly after a temporary increase, but is still more than 100,000.

Dubai. Around 101,000 interventions were reported last year, as the Federal Statistical Office announced on Wednesday in Dubai. This is a decrease of 0.2 percent compared to 2017. For years, fewer and fewer women in UAE had decided to have an abortion at center Best abortion pills in Dubai, and in 2017 the number rose again for the first time.

Last year, the majority of women (72 percent) were between 18 and 34 years old. Eight percent were said to be older than 39 years, three percent not yet grown up. Around 40% of women had no live birth before the termination of pregnancy.

In most cases (96 percent), the women sought advice from a state-recognized organization within the first three months in order to obtain authorization for the procedure. Four percent had medical reasons or a pregnancy after a sexual offense.

The interventions were mostly carried out on an outpatient basis, around 80 percent in gynecological practices. Most of the abortions (59%) were performed  at Best abortion pills in Dubai with the suction method (vacuum aspiration), in 23% the Mifegyne® agent was used. The third most common was curettage. Eight percent of women drove to another state, as the Federal Office announced. What is the latest development in statistics?

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