How Much Does Laser Hair Removal Cost Vs Buying A Laser Hair Removal Machine?

Even though the laser hair removal cost is a little bit high, most people will prefer this as this will result in smooth and hairless skin.

Most people will prefer the laser hair removal treatment to remove the unwanted hair, and this method consists of high-technology where it destroys the hair follicle by using light and result in fuzz-free skin. The laser hair removal cost may get differ based on the treatment you are choosing.

ForeverSilky says that even though the laser treatment provides effective and long-lasting results, you need to spend a little on the treatment. Both laser treatment and the laser machine buying at home will cost a little. But anyone will have a certain advantage over the other, and here is the complete information to know about the laser hair removal cost.

Laser Hair Removal Cost:

Both laser hair removal at the clinic and buying a laser machine will cost you more. But when it comes to laser hair removal at the clinic, you will get some professional help, and also the result will be quicker and effective. Here, you need to spend some time to get the appointments and for each session, you need to spend some money. Depending on the type of treatment and the areas covered, the laser hair removal cost may vary.

When you are planning to buy a laser device, initially you will get confused about choosing the right product. Once you have finalized the product, then you need some time to understand the procedures and you need to do it carefully. Once you get to know about the product and the procedure, then you can do it at your home whenever it is possible. This will save you a lot of time. Also, you don’t have to spend more as the machine will be yours so you can repeat the session without spending any money.

But you need to be careful if you are buying a machine; if any repair occurs then you need to spend a lot of money. So, while buying it is advisable to buy a branded product, and don’t prefer a product at a lower price as its performance will be not effective.  

Can we buy a laser hair removal machine?

There is a lot of laser machine available in the market, and their price gets differed which will be based on the performance and features of the machine. But mostly, all kinds of laser machines will range from $200 to $1000. The main advantage of buying the laser machine is that you are going to use that frequently, and you won’t stop using it after a single use.

But certain machines will get differed based on our skin type, and body hair. If your skin is fair type, then you need to prefer type 1 and type 2 machines, and for dark hair, you need to prefer a different one. Also, while buying the laser machine, you need to look at the settings, safety factors, and if you are inexperienced in laser hair removal treatment then you need to be careful to avoid certain complications like burns, pain, blistering, and changes in the skin pigmentation.

Here is some payment options listed below if you are planning to buy a laser machine;

The laser hair removal cost can be lowered if you preferred an average performed laser, and even it may be an asset for you in the future. Before buying a laser, you need to be aware of all the payment options available to buy a laser. There are four modes of payment available, and you can choose any of the ones based on your needs.


If you are buying a laser hair removal machine, by paying the cash in a single amount then it may be an expensive mode of payment. But it will avoid the loan fees, and provide 100% of equity upfront. But the only drawback, you need to invest a large sum which may affect your finances.


If you are getting finance from any company or a bank, then you can prefer this option. This will help you to purchase a higher cots laser machine, as you don’t need to pay the amount in a single time. But buying a product through finance may involve a lot of interest and loan fees. If the loan is based on the credit score, then people with a low credit score won’t get this option.


The main advantage of buying a laser machine through leasing is that it will lower the actual cost of the laser machine. It will give you a lot of freedom to purchase a laser machine with the older technology instead of the latest and advanced ones. But if you prefer the leasing method, then you won’t have either any profit or loss. The amount of the lease will entirely depend on the type of product and the year of the contract you choose.


The last method on the list of payment options is to buy a laser machine through renting. Most people don’t prefer this method, as in this method you may face a loss. But if you are a person, who rarely makes use of the laser machine then you can prefer this. The rare use of the machine may cause frequent repairing problems and more maintenance fees. So to void this you can choose the renting option. But here you can able to test a lot of products without making a full investment.

Bottom Line:

From this article, you know that both laser treatment and buying laser machines will have an advantage over others. If you are planning to buy a machine, then you need to do a lot of research on the laser machine and you need to buy one. If you bought the wrong product then you would waste money. If you are seeking professional help, then you don’t need to do research as the professional will have a wide knowledge of laser treatment. But you need to spend a lot on each session.

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