Uses Of Collagen Supplements in 2022

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Collagen is one of the most vital vitamins found in our body that helps maintain our skin, nails, hair, and overall body healthy. However, the production of this vitamin reduces with age, forcing us to look older with wrinkles and immense joint pain. But there is a way out of it – collagen supplements! Companies like Vital Proteins Canada are now coming up with the best-quality collagen powders and accessories to ensure our collagen levels remain higher, helping our bodies stay firmer and younger!

Wish to know more about collagen benefits before buying them? Let’s get started! Then read on as we discuss how this essential vitamin helps our overall health.

Uses Of Collagen Supplements 

  • Great Source of Protein

Complex proteins from beef and chicken are often hard to digest, especially for older people. Thus, they need to find a good source of protein – something that fulfills their daily protein requirement without giving them any digestive problems!

Collagen supplements from Vital Proteins are hydrolyzed, i.e., broken down to ensure that our bodies can digest the supplements easily. This allows the collagen peptides present in the supplement to dissolve more quickly in water. So take your daily dose of collagen with a tasty smoothie or your morning tea!

  • Replaces Nutrients Lost Due to Aging

Collagen makes up about one-third of the protein and other nutrient content in our body. However, the level of collagen protein starts to deteriorate in our thirties and forties. This gap needs to be bridged with the help of Vital Proteins collagen Canada supplements. This supports your overall health and helps to control your aging. 

  • Boost Skin Elasticity and Helps To Smooth Wrinkles

One of the significant uses of collagen supplements is to boost one’s skin elasticity while smoothening one’s wrinkles. Several studies have been conducted in this regard, and almost every result has shown a positive effect of collagen on skin elasticity. Thus many start taking these supplements to better care for their skin with age.

  • Reduces Joint Pain and Ache

Joint pain is a significant problem in older adults. It hinders their daily activities, stopping them from walking or exercising much. Collagen is often used to reduce this joint pain and ache. Studies have proved that collagen supplements greatly support connective tissues and help improve joint pain after exercise. Thus, if you take oral collagen supplements, their anti-inflammatory effects will help faster cartilage repair.

  • Promotes Gut Health

Collagen supplements have been said to help in gut healing by assisting patients to recover from inflammatory digestive conditions like irritable bowel syndrome. In IBS patients, there remains a deficiency in the breakdown and formation of collagen fibers that leads to inflammation in the gut. Studies have also found that there is a decrease in serum levels of Type 4 collagen in such patients. 

Thus to bridge these gaps, the patients were given collagen supplements. However, studies are still going on in this respect. So we suggest talking to your doctor before employing collagen supplements to take care of your gut health.

  • Improves Heart Health

Researchers have also found that collagen helps to improve heart health. The vitamin helps to fortify our blood vessel walls that significantly decreases the risk of artery diseases in our body. In other words, it helps to provide structure to our arteries or blood vessels, helping them to carry blood from our heart to our organs. This ensures that the arteries do not become elastic or less flexible with time. 

  • Collagen Peptides For Bone Health

As we know, bone mineral density tends to decrease with age, especially in women after menopause. Researchers found that they showed better bone mineral density given collagen supplements for almost a year. This is because collagen helps to stimulate bone formation by slowing down bone loss in our body.

  • Hair and Nails

Collagen also helps our nails and hair to become stronger. It ensures our pins do not become brittle, and our hair retains its shine and strength for long.

  • Promotes Muscle Mass

Collagen is an essential element in our skeletal muscle. Studies have found that Vital Proteins collagen peptides help boost muscle mass, especially in those who already suffer from loss of muscle mass or sarcopenia. 


Collagen supplements are more or less safe for everyone. However, we always suggest talking to your doctor before starting a course of supplements. Your doctor will measure the optimum dosage of collagen you require, whether you need it at all, and can recommend a good brand of collagen for you. 


Thus, we can conclude that collagen supplements are great for your health. They provide numerous benefits and are readily available in your nearby stores! So what are you waiting for? Get your hands on Vital Proteins Collagen Powder today and start your journey towards a healthy life! All the best. 

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