Advantages and Disadvantages of Online Education

Online education has taken a prominent place in the life of students of every age group since 2020. After the situation of the Covid Pandemic, many educational institutions that never thought of adopting online education techniques were almost forced to do so. There were no other options to buy dissertation online.

It took a lot of time for the students and the teachers to get used to this new learning system. Many of you are still getting your hands and mindset at it. After the situation became somewhat normal educational authorities of many countries started thinking of adopting this culture as a permanent solution. They insisted on the blending of both online and offline education systems, especially keeping in mind the pertaining situation of Covid infections. But the question is whether it is suitable for the students. The impact of this type of education has already been analyzed. But to ensure the long-term sustainability of the same, you must go through the pros and cons of online education.

This blog lists the various advantages and disadvantages of the online system. A better understanding of them will help the institutes conduct learning sessions more efficiently. Also, it will guide the students in using this scope more efficiently.

Advantages of Online Education

  1. Efficiency – Online learning gives a massive prospect to teachers to use various teaching tools. This allows them to deliver the lessons more efficiently and more vividly. They can use ppts, videos and audio while explaining the topics. Watching related pictures and videos helps the students to understand the subject better in much more detail. This thing enhances the capability of teachers as educators as well. 
  2. Accessibility – Online education allows students to attend their classes from any place of their comfort. It also means that the education system can reach out to many students at one go irrespective of the existing geographical boundaries and hurdles. Another thing is that in online education, if required, students can record their classes for their future references.
  3. Affordability – Though debatable, it can be said that the online education system cuts down a lot of expenditure in specific ways. There is a significant deduction on transport, uniform costs for students. There is a deduction on the infrastructure maintenance cost for brick and mortar institutions. Of course, the students and the instructors’ investments are on the gadgets and proper connectivity. It might be an issue to some sections of students, but it can also be solved with a careful thought process.
  4. Diverse learning styles – Different students have different learning styles. Sitting back at their comfortable place in their comfortable environment, they can easily follow and maintain their way of learning and hence learn better. Many students prefer visual references, whereas many thrive in a quiet environment while studying. In the case of online education, all these needs and requirements of students can be fulfilled. 
  5. Boosts attendance – Many times, students cannot come to school, due to whichever reason it might be. Sometimes they just do not want to leave home, and sometimes it might be some other problems. But in the case of online school, the best thing is that they do not need to come anywhere to attend classes. They can do them from anywhere in any situation. Thus, boosting their attendance. Also, in case they miss their classes, they can get access to the same recordings, which means they are not missing out on anything.

Disadvantages of Online Education

  1. Technical problems – One of the major problems of online education is the technological loopholes. Internet connectivity has improved a lot in the past few years. Still, there exist many remote cities, towns and villages all around the globe where the connectivity is inferior. Hence the scope of online education for these children is significantly less. Also, being able to afford the right gadgets might get difficult for some students.
  2. Focusing issues – Constantly looking at the screen for long hours can cause focusing problems for students, especially the little ones. They might have eyesight issues, headaches and might not pay the highest concentration. Also, there are high chances of senior students getting distracted during class by social media platforms in the era of social media.
  3. Isolation – When a student is going to school with many other kids around their age, they get a chance to learn many things by just observing each other. They learn to socialise and communicate. In the case of online education, there is no scope for such developments. But this can also be eradicated to some extent by conducting interaction sessions and activity classes.
  4. Issues of instructors – It is wrong to expect everybody to have the same knowledge about technology. Some instructors might not have profound knowledge of technology and technical platforms. It becomes a bit difficult for them to first learn about all the platform’s features being used and then plan their classes accordingly.
  5. Increased screen time – Another considerable disadvantage of online learning is that it definitely increases children’s screen time. Constantly sitting in front of laptops and computers will affect their eyesight and cause a lot of other physical problems. Also, it will strictly limit their physical movements. In the case of going to schools, students get a lot of opportunities to move from one bench to the other, go to the washrooms, having playtime. All of it together enhances their movement throughout the day. This gets significantly reduced in the case of online learning.

To conclude – 

Every coin has two sides. Nothing can be absolutely good or completely bad. The same goes for online education. It has its own set of positives and negatives. The authorities of an institution must carefully analyze all of it to decide which process they want to use. They must align the features of online education with the background of their teachers and students to understand whether or not they will be comfortable with such a system. 

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