How to fix Malwarebyte Blocking from downloading Files from the Internet?



Malwarebyte is a top security company that offers various applications and tools for device and data protection. The user can install the Malwarebytes plan and protect his device from all harmful threats. The antivirus also has a download protection tool that prevents all malicious downloads on the device. But some users reported that they are unable to download any file due to Malwarebytes.

Malwarebyte can block the downloads because:

  1. User is downloading a malicious file
  2. Malwarebytes download protection tool is not working correctly
  3. Your internet connection is not reliable
  4. Another antivirus is conflicting with Malwarebytes
  5. Your OS is outdated

Troubleshooting Malwarebyte blocking downloading files issue:

Restart the computer

When Malwarebytes is creating issues while downloading any file then restarting the PC. Many times, Malwarbyets antivirus gets into some runtime error, and then its tools stop working. To fix the error, you can try restarting your PC. After restart, your Malwarebytes will start working correctly. Go to the internet and try to download the required file.

Check the file type

If Malwarebyte antivirus is blocking a particular file that means the file is malicious. Downloading that file on the device can cause other harm. Your antivirus is blocking the downloads to prevent any damage. But if you need the file urgently then you have to disable the Malwarebytes antivirus. Click on the Malwarebytes icon; select the Disable button and choose the interval. Now retry to download that file on your device. After downloading the file, enable your Malwarebytes antivirus. Now use your Malwarebytes to scan the downloaded file. If the file is carrying any viruses, your antivirus will remove them and you can access the file reliably.

Remove another security application

The user can install another security app with Malwarebytes as it does not cause conflict issues. Most of the security apps work easily with your Malwarebytes. But few antivirus programs often create issues with Malwarebytes. Your stop malwarebytes from starting with windows or its tools start showing errors. To fix the error, the user has to remove another antivirus from the device. Open the computer and check for all installed applications. If you have any security program other than Malwarebytes then uninstall it. Delete the related files and now restart the computer to download the file.

Exclude detections

Sometimes Malwarebytes blocks files or downloads which look suspicious but are safe. If you want to access those files then you can exclude them from the detections. In your Malwarebytes, you can add File, Website, App, and previously detected exploit for exclusion. 

  1. Open Malwarebytes on your PC
  2. Tap on Settings and go to the Exclusions tab
  3. Click on Add item option and tap the Add exclusion option
  4. Choose the exclusion type 
  5. Tap on the Next button and hit on Confirm changes option
  6. For download, add the website
  7. Tap on Exclude the Website
  8. Choose Exclude the domain

Provide the URL and click on the OK button. Now close the Malwarebytes dashboard and go to the web browser. Now download the file on your device.

Use secure internet connection

Malwarebytes antivirus can block the downloads if your device is on an unsecured internet connection. To prevent the device from malware, your antivirus often blocks the downloads on public networks. Downloading any file can be dangerous for the system. For downloading the file, you should connect the PC to a secured internet connection. In case you can’t find a secure internet connection then use a VPN. Connect the device to VPN and it will create a secure connection for the device. Now you can easily download the file from the website.

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Update your Malwarebytes and operating system 

Antivirus often starts working strangely if it gets outdated. You have to update the antivirus to its latest version. In the Apps folder, click on Malwarebytes and hit the Update button. Your antivirus will get updated to its latest version. Now check the update of your OS. Open the Update and Security page and install the latest update. Always restart the system to apply updates and now Malwarebytes will start running. 

Reinstall Malwarebytes anti-malware

If the antivirus is showing an error due to missing files then try reinstallation. You can’t repair the antivirus files manually. But reinstalling the setup is easy. Click on the corrupted setup and uninstall it. Now restart the computer and install a new Malwarebytes setup on your device. 

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