Custom Pillow Boxes For Little Valuables

Custom Pillow Boxes

Do you need a storage solution for an irregularly-shaped item that will be given as a gift? Are you looking to brand your custom logo or message onto an attractive packaging option without adding cost? Custom Pillow Boxes might be the right choice.

What Are Pillow Boxes? 

Pillow boxes are square boxes with closable flaps on both ends. The top flaps are usually shaped like pillows. The bottom flap is served as the opening flap. These flaps can be folded close along perforated seams, creating a secure enclosure for your product.

They come in different sizes to put up various product extents. They also come in various paper types, colors, patterns, styles of folding, and printing options. These boxes are good for retailers looking to brand their product line. They provide a versatile packaging option that allows you to reserve the inside space of the box for custom messaging and branding elements or a gift message.  

What Can Be Packaged In Pillow Boxes Wholesale? 

Pillow Boxes Wholesale are typically used for packaging small items wrappings. They’re often used to pack:

  • Candy
  • Jewelry
  • Stationery supplies
  • Small electronic devices
  • Knickknacks
  • Above similar products.

Branded Printed Pillow Boxes

Print your logo onto these attractive packaging options! Though traditional Printed Pillow Boxes are circular, many customers may opt to use square shapes or other designs better reflect their brand. You can demand a free sample and trial an article of your choice!

The customization limits only by your imagination. Pillow boxes can be designed with perforations, die cuts, and other fold-lines. They allow you to create unique designs or even stand up the box to display your product. Customization possibilities abound when you’re designing with custom pillow boxes.

There are several printing options to choose from. So, market your product accordingly! Matte or glossy finishes can help you create a stylish look for your item. Screen printing might be the best option for you if you’re coloring or decorating the box itself. It uses less ink than other print methods. High resolution digital printing allows for more intricately detailed designs on your boxes.

Custom pillow boxes are popular among retailers looking:

  • To brand their products
  • Perfect packaging solution if intended as a small gift
  • Easy storage solution for chunky items
  • Etc.

Designer pillows make an attractive display option when standing up one side of the box, allowing customers to see inside without opening it.

Carry outs of Pillow Boxes

Pillow packaging comes in a diversity of sizes and color choices. They’re ideal for gift baskets and product packaging because they’re easy to assemble and have a small footprint side profile. They’re a way for companies to add a pop of color and fun to their product packaging while adding extra durability during shipping.

The following are some ideas on how to use pillow boxes in your own business or home project:

Gift Baskets

Pillow boxes can be used as gift baskets. Fill them with small items like candy or shampoo bottles. Fill the left over space in the pack with tissue paper for cushioning. You could also wrap the top in decorative ribbon and attach a bow if you’d like it to look more like a gift package than a shipping package.

Event favors

You can make your event favor boxes by using pillow boxes and filling these smaller boxes with items like candy or cocktail stirrers. Use a small hole punch to create a little tag, add the guest’s name, and tie it on with twine for an easy takeaway box.

Product Packaging & Mailers

Pillow boxes can be used as product packaging and mailers. These cute boxes can help make your product stand out among competitors for products like candles and lip balm. You could also use them to ship smaller products you sell online by adding packing materials such as bubble wrap or crumpled paper inside the box before sealing it up.

Project Enclosures

Pillow boxes can hold all of your supplies for DIY projects like seedling starters or holiday wreaths. You can use them as a hamper to lug them in. You could also use this box to hold different craft supplies like sequins and paintbrushes for easy storage or carrying around.

Storage & Organization

Custom Pillow Boxes are great for storage and organization purposes. If you’re using them as product packaging, they’re the perfect size to store your finished goods in when they’re not being shipped out. This is also a worthy idea for gift hampers. It keeps all the pieces together, plus makes them easy to transport in one go. These boxes can be stacked on top of each other in storage or cabinets and easily slip into nooks and crannies. So, you can free up some space when your stock starts getting low.