Best Ways for Staying Awake When You Are Feeling Too Sleepy

If you’re feeling tired but you have to remain active, there’s a few ways to prevent falling into a deep sleepy. There are ways to avoid the sleepiness in the beginning. It could be that you suffer from excessive morning sleepiness or underlying insomnia disorder or just desire to remain in bed late.

This article will offer ways to stay awake when you’re exhaust. The article will also cover prescribed medications that doctors can prescribe to alleviate the excessive amount of sleepiness.

Get Some Fresh Air

A clean and healthy environment will help you in attaining alert. For people with circadian rhythm disorder and seasonal affective disorders (SAD), a properly controlled exposure to natural light or the use of a lights box can assist in dealing with the issues.

In the rest of us, the body’s circadian rhythm depends on exposure to natural elements including sunlight. Thus, stepping outside to take an airy breath when tired can be beneficial.

Feel alert by breathing long

Blood oxygen level will be boosted with help of deep breathing. It slows down your heart rate, reduces blood pressure, and increases circulation, ultimately improving the performance of your mind and energy levels.

The concept behind deep-breathing exercises is to inhale into an abdomen and not to the chest. They can be done at the desk. If you are seated straight, do this exercise 10 times?

  • Put your one hand on your stomach gently near the ribs and another one on the chest. After that deep breathe through your nose. Then let your belly push out your hand. Your chest shouldn’t move.
  • Breathe through your nose like you are singing while keeping your lips closed. You can place your hand on your stomach to push air out.

Another technique, known as stimulation breath is utilized for yoga for an instant energy boost and improved alertness. Through the nose, exhale and inhale while keeping your nose close but with ease. Keep your breaths in-and-out short and do three cycles in one second. Continue to breathe normally. This can be done for 15 seconds or more initially, and after that, add five seconds at a time until you’ve reached the limit of one minute.

Take a Nap

If you’re suffering from an excessive amount of sleepy, the simple relaxation that comes with a nap can help replenish your batteries. Studies have proven that naps can help in enhancing learning and memory. Many societies incorporate an afternoon break into their routines.

Experts agree that nap times of 15 to 20 minutes is the most effective method of getting the best rest. Needing longer nap times (lasting more than an hour) might mean you’re not getting enough sleep at night.  That means you are suffering from problem of sleeping.

Be Active by doing exercise

In the majority of cases, it is likely that you will be tired while performing tasks that require a long period of time sitting in your chair. Sitting at a table in the conference area, traveling for long distances, and sitting in your cubicle can cause you to feel drowsy.

Rarely will you notice yourself sleepy while taking an outing, cleaning the home, or going on for errands, except if you have the condition known as narcolepsy?

Breaking from the sedentary lifestyle through exercise or other physical exercises will aid in reducing sleepiness. If you return to work mind will be clearer. Also, you’ll probably feel less sleepy.

Keep the Environment Cool

If you’ve ever found yourself sleeping in a space that’s too hot then you are aware of the advantages of staying at a cooler side. The sleeping pattern and ability you remain awake may get affected by the environment you are living.

The ability to lower the temperature (perhaps as low as 68° or one or two degrees lower) will allow you stay focused.

Give Eyes some rest for avoiding fatigue

Constant fixation on your screen on a computer can cause eye strain and increase tiredness and tiredness. Take a break from your screen for a couple of minutes every now and then to unwind the eyes.

Eat a Healthy Snack to Boost Energy

Snacks that contain sugar offer energy-boosting energy that’s quickly and then the highs and “lows,” when low blood sugar causes mental fogginess and fatigue. Foods like these can boost your energy levels in the long run.

  • Peanut butter spread on crackers made from whole wheat or celery sticks
  • Yogurt, a handful of fresh fruit or nuts
  • Baby carrots served with Cream cheese dip with low fat

Consume Caffeine

Caffeine is an extremely efficient and inexpensive method to increase alertness. It is an all-natural stimulant. Also, it enhances your energy and concentration.

In addition to water, caffeinated beverages are among the most popular fluids throughout the world. Tea, coffee hot chocolate, soda are among the most popular choices. Caffeine is also present in some foods including chocolate.

Drinking or eating excessive amounts of caffeine could cause some side consequences, such as fast heart rate and nervousness or an anxiety-related headache.

Alternate you’re Activities

If you have trouble waking up at night, and you get sleepier while working at night, so you can benefit from changing your routine. Dividing large projects into smaller pieces and working on them briefly, at regular intervals can help you complete more tasks.

If you shift your attention, you’ll be more focused when taking on new projects.

Use Medications as a Last Resort

The final choice is the option to use prescription drugs known as stimulants. You can use Waklert (Armodafinil) to get rid of sleep.

These medications work through a variety of mechanisms of the brain that in return help you to stay focus and stay alert. But they are also addictive and are not often use for treating excessive sleepiness during the day.

These prescribe medicines can be prescribe to treat the symptoms of narcolepsy and serious sleep apnea. Healthcare providers may also prescribe them to treat other ailments like fatigue that is associate with Multiple sclerosis.


If you’re experiencing a lot of sleepiness however, you must stay awake. There are solutions to resolve the issue. Regular breaks, drinking coffee, or eating an occasional snack are just some of the things you can try to combat against insomnia.

You could also consider taking an hour or so of rest, taking some fresh air, taking in the natural light, cooling the temperature of your room or participating in a little physical exercise.

If you suffer from a severe sleep disorder, your doctor might recommend stimulants like Waklert 150 that help keep awake. However, this should be used only in the last instance as the medications they prescribe are addictive. Waklert is a good medicine to get rid of sleepy.