Why Should I Include Interactive Videos In My Online Training?

Teaching is looking for different ways to adapt to society. They have created new teaching models together with technology, such as e-learning, which is beneficial for society. It expands the possibilities and the greater scope of knowledge.

We want to present you a different way of including a video in a teaching platform: the interactive video. Don’t know what it is and would like to know why you should include it in your online training? In this article we will explain it to you. Keep reading to know more!

What is interactive video?

An interactive video is an audiovisual content that involves the participation of the viewer. It combines two techniques: multimedia and interactive or communication elements that involve participation.

What a video of these characteristics is looking for is to cause curiosity in the viewer and that leads him to act.

There are three characteristics that an interactive video must meet from the beginning:

You have to have a clear goal. You have to think not only about the general objective of the video, but also about the possibilities that the worker can have to fulfill it.

The script must be interactive, that is, the user must be able to choose. There are many possibilities and many formats to achieve this feature.

And finally, you have to close the message. There can be no “escape routes” because then it gives the impression that something is wrong.

And to finish this point, we advise you that for an interaction video to be more effective it must be simple that does not mean that it is not creative. But it must be easy to understand, so that the user knows what he has to do.

You also have to be very clear about the target audience, are they workers, are they students, how old are they, their gender, etc. This way we will know how we have to implement the content and we will focus more on what really interests them.

Interactive videos are more effective if you include a lot of interactions and games, because that makes learning easier. You can take advantage of the advantages of technology to make different and entertaining games.

Reasons to use an interactive video

An interactive video has some additional benefits that a normal video does not have. To fully convince you to use it, we are going to give you 7 reasons. Here you have them!

If you use an interactive video in your online course or in some aspect of your company, your employee will pay more attention to it.

The person is involved in the video and participates with him to make the decisions.

With an interactive video we will always know how many people have interacted with it , and analyze the results to improve it.

The video format adapts to any screen, that is, it can be seen on desktops, mobiles, tablets, etc.

It is an ideal element to train workers or any other public.

With an interactive video you offer different content, which can be shared even on social networks.

And, finally, they are an effective method of making teaching more enjoyable and entertaining.

In addition, you can do many actions with interactive videos: you can drag objects within the video, go forward and backward, press buttons, change colors, vary the focus of the camera, check what your classmates have answered, etc. It only depends on your creativity and what you want to teach to choose what to do in your video.

At Cinema8 we can help you create these interactive videos and much more. We can adapt it to the values ​​of your company, always taking into account the client’s criteria.

Types for a good interactive video

We are going to present some of the many possibilities that there are to present an interactive video. Here you will see which the best option for your online training is. The types of videos chosen are:

The Video Quiz that is ideal to find out the knowledge acquired by the user in the course. It includes questions about the content and different options for the worker or student to choose the correct one.

A very similar format is the Video Gallery Quiz, which is the same as the previous case, but with images. Somehow you have to match or decide which image goes with what.

Next is the Video Catcher, which is a video that includes audiovisual content and game play. If we create mental games you check your knowledge and entertain yourself, we have guaranteed success.

What if you learn while watching demos? This is the case of Video Learning, which is used to teach knowledge while you decide what actions to carry out.

Surely you have ever seen a Video Choice video, in it you can choose how the story changes and choose which the ending is. It is a format that breaks with the linearity of the classic narrative and gives you a choice.

Do you still have any doubts about which format to choose? Then do not hesitate to contact us, at Cinema8 we have great professionals who can advise you and help you with your project. We have very innovative and creative techniques that can be beneficial to you.