How to Clean Custom-Made Curtains – A Guide

curtains provide privacy and beauty. Window treatments, like curtains and blinds, require regular maintenance to avoid stains, dullness, and musty odours

Curtains are exposed to dust and filth on a daily basis, which can shorten their lifespan and endanger your health.

Whether you reside in a larger home or an apartment in the city, custom made curtains provide privacy and beauty. Window treatments, like curtains and blinds, require regular maintenance to avoid stains, dullness, and musty odours.

Frequently vacuum

The key to beautiful curtains is vacuuming to eliminate loose debris, dust, and pet hair. Vacuum hanging curtains from top to bottom with a soft brush attachment. Not every curtains and drapes are suitable for vacuuming.

Cleaning Sheer Curtains

Sheer curtains are simple to clean; a brisk shake is all that is required to remove dust and debris. Small marks can be washed with water and light detergent on the spot, and a few hours in the open space or air will help to refresh them.

Washing Lightweight Curtains

Lightweight curtains may be laundered in the washing machine with ease. Before running a delicate cycle with light detergent, remove any hooks, rings, and trimmings. Hand wash your curtains instead of machine washing them if you’re worried about them shrinking.

Heavy Steam Curtains

Heavy textiles, such as blackout curtains, are best cleaned with steam, which saves you hours of drying time. Work from the top to the bottom of hanging curtains, keeping the steamer at a safe distance so the curtains don’t get wet. Curtain steam cleaning is the best option once a year.

Taking Care with Rubbing Curtain backings

Rubber-backed curtains necessitate a little extra care. Hang them outside and water them off, then sponge clean with a light detergent. Rinse with cold water and hang to dry, making sure the curtains’ backs aren’t in contact with anything.

Allow Drying Naturally

Your best strategy, whether you have bespoke or ready-made curtains, is to keep them out of the dryer. Hang them outside, but keep them out of direct sunlight to avoid fading from the intense sun. Don’t fold or bend your curtains; most wrinkles will fall out on their own, but the rest can be ironed out with a low-heat iron.

Stains on the Surface

Blot the stain with a clean wet sponge, then dab with white wine vinegar. Alternate between sponge dabbing and vinegar dabbing until the stain is gone. Always perform a spot inspection initially.

Read the Label

Always read the curtain or drapes care directions to see if there are any special cleaning instructions, and avoid using harsh cleaning agents.

What not to do?

Hiring a non-professional

Contracting a non-professional A larger part of individuals think that cleaning shades is a simple assignment and shouldn’t essentially include a proficient. For that off-base reason, they either clean by themselves or enlist inadequate faculty as a money-saving technique. This leads to destitute cleaning, which tampers with the fabric’s quality, which is precisely what you ought to dodge. So, enlisting a certified proficient that administrative bodies recognize is the foremost suggested thing to do. Other than, seek for a shade cleaner with a few encounter and a positive notoriety in your area.

Using wrong cleaning reagents

Using off-base cleaning reagents Curtains more often than not come with assortments of surfaces and texture materials. It is critical to understand that cutting materials that are 100% cotton require different cleaning apparatuses, compared to others. In case not cleaned with the proper reagents, they will shrivel so effortlessly. There’s no question that cleaning reagents are capable of the comes about you get after cleaning shades.

When to Clean Curtains

Wash your curtains at least once a year, preferably in the summer to allow them to dry quickly. Curtain maintenance should be on your spring cleaning agenda because it will keep them fresh over the rainy winter months.

If you’re selling your house, new curtains can be just the thing to help you stand out in a competitive market. Curtains that are free of odours and dust are a major selling factor, and cleaning curtains make your rooms appear brighter and more attractive.

It’s up to you now. How you clean your curtains and drapes depends upon your cleaning management. A mistake can damage the whole curtain cleaning process. Reach out to the cleaning companies if you are not confident.