Top 10 Music Videos in Motion Design!

Top 10 Music Videos in Motion Design!

It’s a music festival! Our KabochArts present the summer 2021 playlist! 10 music videos made in motion design, to chill and enjoy sunny days! Discover or rediscover the absorbing visuals of these unique and offbeat videos.

Clint Estwood from Gorillaz

Let’s start our selection first with the proposal of Micka, Clint Estwood of Gorillaz. The members of the Gorillaz group find themselves in a cemetery, panicked by an army of gorillas. The character design of the characters is terrifying.

The graphic style is cut clean without any form of realism. We recognize here some Japanese influences for this type of animation. The final and totally wacky and absurd rendering fits perfectly with the Gorillaz universe. The glitch effects and dark colors used further support this impression.

Hallucinate by Dua Lipa

With Dua Lipa’s Hallucinate, production company near me offers us an opposed video. Indeed, this clip immerses us in a very fun and colorful universe, created only in 2D animation. The animation depicts artist Dua Lipa, in a cabaret outfit, singing surrounded by strange shapes and characters. The scene is totally mind-blowing, even psychedelic. It is this assumed “what the fuck” side that has seduced.

Oh My Gawd by Mr Eazi, Major Lazer, Nicki Minaj & K4mo

Chloe presents a hybrid video, which includes live-action and 2D visuals. Two animation techniques are used in this clip: motion design and stop motion. The title “Oh My Gawd” is the result of a collaboration between artists Mr. Eazi, Major Lazer, Nicki Minaj, and K4mo. Animation characters intrude into the lives of humans (and Barbie) and vice versa. The atmospheres and colors vary according to the paintings. The character design of the characters is very caricatural and adds a form of humor to these paintings.

Feels like Summer by Hildish Gambino

Pierre offers us more chill and summery music. Hildish Gambino’s Feels like a Summer music video is a classic 2D animation with very low frames per second, giving it a jerky look. We observe a man walking in the late afternoon. The colors used for this sequence are warm and deep. They give a “sunset” effect and reinforce the relaxed atmosphere of the scene. The artist also brings authenticity to his story by adding glitch effects. Contrary to the previous examples, we are not in the caricature. The clip-in-motion design is simple and the scenes realistic.

Lorn’s Anvil

Flying cars and robots evolve in a futuristic decor all in black and white. The animation is fluid. This video evokes poignant subjects, such as death, in a futuristic and totally digital universe.

Hachi from Dune feat Miku Hatsune

This anime, or Japanimation, made for the Hachi clip of Dune feat Miku Hatsune, uses all the codes of traditional manga. Garance particularly appreciates this composer for his decision to use a virtual singer in very symbolic clips. In this scene, a young girl is walking in the desert, followed by masked figures like characters from Studio Ghibli. The special wind and sand effects give movement to the scene.

Skyfall, Opening Credits, by Adele

This song, interpreted by Adele, is the opening of the famous James Bond Skyfall. In this motion design selected by Yvan, we note the work of titles and animations of visuals. Several abstract shapes and elements, taken from the world of the famous spy, appear throughout the video. The paintings present are nods to scenes from the film. The staging is glamorous and mysterious like the traditional 007. Yvan chose this video as a tribute to the first motion design in history: the credits of the film.

Do I Wanna Know by Arctic Monkeys

This clip is a classic motion design with vector animation graphics. The artist David Wilson chose as artistic direction, the line. The viewer’s screen becomes, for a moment, the screen of an oscilloscope. The more the clip advances, the more the animation becomes psychedelic and involves the spectator in a more delirious universe.

The Little Beat Maker by Blue Ham Ham

Clara shares with us here a real audiovisual nugget. These 30 seconds of video animation are made by the video companies near me to the music of Roses de Saint JHN. The artist Blue Ham-Ham gives life to these little blue monsters who obviously have rhythm in their skin. This Japanese animation is fluid, the characters move in symbiosis with the music. The pastel colors and the character design are a real feast for the eyes.

Come home from Bigflo & Oli

Finally, Aimie offers us a video with a raw and authentic graphic style from the clip Come home by Bigflo and Oli. Storytelling plays an important role here. The visuals harmoniously accompany the lyrics until they convey emotion. The colorimetry, rhythm, and choice of graphics contribute to the quality of this clip and accurately illustrate the music.