Prominent Prospects of Medical Career in UK for Overseas Students

Prominent Prospects of Medical Career in UK for Overseas Students

Medical Career in UK

We set the standards for medical education providers and we regularly check that these standards are being met. Here you will find the standards, guidance and programs we publish as well as supporting documents. Here in this article, prominent prospects of medical career in UK for overseas students.

Medical career prospects in the UK

Medicine is one of the most competitive courses in the UK and every year top UK universities attract thousands of international students for MBBS programs. If you are academically sound and can prove that you have what it takes to study this field, then applying to study MBBS in the UK is for you.

Opportunities for Indian Students in the Field Of Health Care Services

Health Care Services in UK is a 5–6-year program offered as MB (Bachelor of Medicine) in BS, ChB, BCh and BAO. Also, all four are equivalent to each other and deal with three major fields of medical study: medicine, surgery and obstetrics respectively. Students must register with the UK General Medical Council (GMC) after completing the UK Medical Schools MBBS to practice as a doctor.

Why study medicine in the UK

  1. 43 of the top UK universities are among the top 650 medical universities in the world, according to the QS News Ranking 20022.
  2. The average salary for a doctor/physician in the UK is 67% higher than in other medical and health professions.
  3. The salary level of physicians/physicians has steadily increased over the past 6 years. The annual salary has increased from £245,000 in 2016 to £318,000 in 2021.
  4. MBBS graduates from UK universities are not required to sit the Postgraduate Medical Examination Abroad to practice in India.
  5. In the US, the MBBS takes 7-9 years, while in the UK it can be completed in 5-6 years.

A recent study published in 2022 stated that there is a growing demand from Indian students. It is to study MBBS in UK. Another report published in 2021 by the General Medical Council showed how an international medical graduate (IMGs) was increasing within the UK medical workforce. These trends show the continued popularity of MBBS in the UK among Indian students.

As a result, there are mainly some entry points for the study MBBS program in UK.

Standard Entry –

Directly after completing Upper Secondary (Grade 12) (duration 5 or 6 years)

Entrance to graduate studies –

 After a graduation diploma in a related subject (4 or 5 years)

As a result, Postgraduate MBBS degrees in the United Kingdom typically last two years. If you completed your undergraduate studies in a country other than the United Kingdom. So, destinations like: EEA or Switzerland, Also you will need to take the IELTS test. This test helps to ensure that overseas qualified doctors have the knowledge and skills to practice medicine in the UK.

Fee Structure for Students to Study Medical career in UK

MBBS in UK for Indian students is not cheap. The table below lists the top 10 MBBS colleges in the UK along with the program offered. Also know about duration and total tuition fees in INR.

On average, the monthly cost of living for an international student in the UK . Also, it can be divided into 5 categories: tuition, accommodation, food, transport and miscellaneous.

The whole process for applying for medical degree from UK:

  • Indian students to study MBBS in UK must have 10+2 certificate. In this article mentioned some step by step process for Indian students to apply for MBBS career in UK:
  • Collect and fold all your documents and have them checked by the respective authorities.
  • Also, you can apply through the UCAS portal or directly through the Medical University website.
  • Subsequently submitting your application form, wait for the confirmation and the MMI (micro-mini-interviews) invitation letter.
  • So, after clearance the MMI, you can wait for the final offer and complete your Tier 4 visa formalities after receiving the final offer.

Career Prospects after studying Medical at UK University:

You should know about some medical universities those are approved by MCI. Also, listed in MCI list of Universities in abroad are the most proffered by the overseas students. Also, students who want to pursue MBBS from MCI approved universities are allowed to practice in India as medical or healthcare worker.

As a result, medical is a profession that people make a decision to practice very in the early hours in life. Also, it takes lots of dedication and more focus. As you know, this is all about your career so you should have a clear vision about applying for MBBS in an ideal university. So, with all research done before choosing the perfect option for you.

You are interested studying at abroad. Also, want to make medical career in UK. Let’s start your journey by arranging a free consultation with overseas education consultants. It is to getting information about study MBBS in UK.

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