What is 2D animation? Things You Should Need To Know

The skill of producing movement in a two-dimensional space is known as 2D animation. There are characters, monsters, special effects, and scenery in this game.

To create the illusion of movement, individual drawings are sequenced together over time.. A second of time is usually divided into 24 frames.. In one second of animation (24fps), there might be as many as 24 individual drawings or as few as two, depending on the type of animation. 

Animation has traditionally been done in "2s," with a sketch every two frames (12fps). This allows artists to save time and money on production while maintaining the distinctive look of 2D animation.

While this is frequently referred to as "classical animation," mainstream 2D production has progressed from hand-drawn procedures utilizing pencil and paper to the use of digital tools such as Toon Boom Harmony or Adobe After Effects.

Today's 2D animation

2D is a popular and versatile media that is seeing a resurgence. Television programs, video games, feature films, ads, mobile applications, and websites all feature it. Rick and Morty and F are for Family are two popular recent examples of 2D animation. Snapchat and other social media platforms are creating 2D animated programs with short 1-3 minute episodes. Even 2D platform video games like Cuphead 

have seen a recent increase in popularity.

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“Animation is utilized for everything online (commercial, entertainment), even if you aren't aware of it," explains Scott Claus, CG Spectrum's 2D Animation Mentor. “The medium is evolving quickly. Television animation has exploded in popularity, and streaming providers are always on the lookout for fresh material."  

So, what exactly does a 2D animator do? What are your possibilities for getting jobs?  In comparison to a seasoned artist, what can a junior artist expect to earn? 

What is the finest 2D animation software?

We've done the research and compiled all you need to know about the sector in order to assist you in planning for your future.

What is 2D Animation?

2D animation stands for two-dimensional animation, which means that characters and backdrops are developed in a two-dimensional, flat environment in this type of project.

2D animation objects have only the dimensions of width and height (no thickness) and are either hand-drawn or computer-generated. Another method for making 2D animation images is to shoot static items and then create a frame sequence.

Despite the fact that 3D animation is becoming increasingly popular, the current animation business still uses 2D animation techniques to create 3D objects lively and lifelike. As a result, even as more inventive 3D animation emerges, 2D animation will continue to exist without becoming outdated.

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What are the salary expectations in 2D Animation?

Average profits expectancies may be between USD $43,000 for the access stage, as much as a mean of $74,000 for mid-stage. Salaries depend on enjoyment, location, and industry. Senior and technical animators are capable of exceeding the pinnacle of that variety with their years of enjoyment and knowledge.

The Future of 2D Animation

To understand the future of the 2D animation business, we must first comprehend what animation is. Animation is defined as the movement of pictures in films, videos, and other media. Images are filled with movement in this ideal marriage of artistic skill and technology. When we look at the history of animation, we'll be shocked to see that an idea that is still original in our minds has a long history. 

Animation is a kind of storytelling that is comparable to conventional storytelling. People of all ages and professions become enthralled and interested. If you go back to your youth, cartoons like the sweet bunny and his carrot, cat, and mouse, the friendly ghost, the lovely mermaid, and many more come to mind. The animation industry's reference points are all of these animations and characters. Our childhood memories were enhanced by the animation.

The primary goal of animation is to transmit a message to the audience via the use of a story and images delivered by animated characters. The developer's level of originality and creative intelligence determines the effectiveness of the entire process in terms of getting the information to the viewers and leaving a lasting impression on them.

What Types of 2D Animation Will Always Be Valuable?

The fact that 2D animation is the heart and soul of all other forms of animation should be ingrained in everyone's memory. 2D shaped the animation industry’s path. Modern computer-generated animation would not have been conceivable without it. The animation industry's initial and earliest animation technology was 2D animation.

Because they are less difficult, 2D movies are one of many people's preferences these days. It has a terrific on-screen presence and is quickly noticed by individuals of all ages.


2D animation is predicted to become more creative and technological in the future. Furthermore, content creators and companies are increasingly using cutting-edge technologies such as virtual reality and 360-degree video technology to create animated videos. All of these technological advancements are cutting-edge, allowing for content development that engages viewers and immerses them in the plot.

With multiple achievements under its belt, the 2D animation business can only look forward to a bigger and brighter future. It is a viable specialty in terms of career opportunities; there are various 2D animation positions available, and a 3D animation firm is not far away. In terms of attracting clients and producing revenue, the industry has huge potential. Cubix