Top 10 Benefits of Organizing a Webinar in 2022


Nowadays most marketing companies completely rely on webinars for promoting their products and services across the world. Due to its versatility and easy-to-use interface, webinars help organizers to meet their specific goals.

The webinar platform enables us to engage with our targeted audience directly which helps in building strong relationships with more transparency & accountability.

In this blog, we will get to know some of the important features of webinars, and their associated platforms.

Back to Basics in Webinar

Simply defined, a webinar is more of an interactive session, a visually stimulating, engaging session loaded with authentic informative content.

The online webinar is a full package of audio & visual experiences, sharing of information, highly customizable event templates, and live interactive sessions.

These sessions whether recorded or live have the potential to attract audience attention to a specific topic irrespective of geographic location. These platforms are also the main source of sharing information, video presentations, getting up with new trends, and much more.

Top 4 Different types of Webinar

Selecting this category was quite difficult as there is a wide range to choose from, but having a quick look at some of the most popular types of webinars can help you decide with which to go further –

Webinar for Product Demonstration

  • Every company wants a buzz around the market just before the launching of its product or service.
  • Organizing a demonstration webinar for the same can be very beneficial to extend your audience reach
  • Webinar sessions are generally long which can give you enough time to introduce your product or service and elaborate on its features in detail.

Webinar for Lead Generation

  • With the help of a live webinar platform lead generation can be more convenient for your business with its wider audience reach.
  • These webinars are designed keeping in mind the focus and target audience to work for a specific purpose i.e. lead generation.
  • They tend to present high-level information as your audience already knows the history of your service or product.

New Feature Webinar

  • While it is more convenient to go for blog writing and publishing on social media rather than hosting a webinar but believe me it can do wonders for you.
  • Throughout its runtime, you have enough time to elaborate on new developments made and with much ease.
  • There are many live webinar software like- Dreamcast, zuddl, etc. which can make this work easier for you.

Webinar for Expressing Thoughts

  • Webinars are highly engaging sessions and can be used as a good way to express thoughts to a wider audience and be the thought leader in your industry.
  • These webinars allow you to showcase your talent & your capabilities.
  • Apart from the above perks it also creates highly engaging leads which is crucial for your business growth.
  • Typically these webinars cover every aspect which is related to your industry, the latest trends, developments, and much more.

5 most popular webinar platforms

Some of the most popular webinar platforms have been described below which can help you choose the best fit for you –


With its end-to-end customization experience which includes design as well as functionality, Dreamcast is one of the best webinar platforms when it comes to hosting events virtually.

It is fully loaded with features like live streaming, hybrid events, 2-way video conferencing, and much more.


With more than 20 event organizers to consult before actually hosting a webinar and step by step guide to running a successful event, whova is a good competitor in the market.

As far as the quality of face-to-face meetings is concerned, it is satisfactory for most of the users.


Loaded with excellent features like data & insights, career fairs, webinars, etc. zuddl has gained much importance over recent years.

With its on-demand webinar facility, zuddl delivers best-in-class content for its organizers to gain maximum audience reach.


Hopin provides a creative, immersive virtual experience to its customers with a real-time streaming experience.

It has features like- streamyard studio, event marketing, etc., and when it comes to hosting webinar sessions it has a live Q&A feature for solving queries of the audience.


Pathable owns webinar services that provide free demo sessions & tours by their experts for free to have an idea of the working of the company.

Top 10 Benefits of Organizing a Webinar

Here is a list of some of the most important benefits of hosting a webinar event-

They can be recorded seamlessly

  • Webinars can be recorded and watched later and it is very easy to fit them according to your schedule.
  • Viewers who revisit the recorded webinar session will have the same feeling as attending a live one.

Nourishing Organization’s content

  • Making your content informative and rich with creative ideas thus helps most businesses to get exposure to parties interested online.
  • Record each query being asked in the webinar and publish it to live sessions for making it more convenient for the audiences to clear their doubts.

Establishing Authority

  • Online webinar services enable hosts to provide valuable insights into the current trends which keep their viewers up to date and continuously engage with the sessions.
  • As in the current scenario, people often tend to flock to the source where they find their authentic answers. You can be one of those reliable sources.

Wider Audience Reach

  • As most popular webinar platforms can be reached easily across the world, it comes to the quality of the content to generate more potential viewers.
  • There is no boundation, barrier, or limit to the number of viewers which makes hosting webinars even more flexible.

Branding Value Enhanced

  • A lot of time is invested in spending money, time for the branding of businesses. These webinar platforms like Dreamcast offers organizers to own brand logos, colours, and even domain names.

Trust Building Opportunity

  • When executed properly, webinars can be used to strengthen the loyalty to the brand by connecting with the audience at a more personal level.
  • Interactive webinar platforms are highly engaging for the audience with their smart tools like – live chat, Q&A sessions, polls, etc.

Cost-effective Solution

  • The actual cost of running webinar sessions is very much on the lower side when it comes to organizing traditional conferences.
  • The cost thus includes every aspect i.e. – financial, (venue, catering, etc.), accommodation, etc.

Technical Issues

  • To have the best experience of the webinar session, a good internet connection is a necessity and technical glitches are nowhere in the user’s control.
  • For this, the choice of the online webinar platform is of utmost importance.

Information Sharing with the viewers

  • Business houses apart from interacting with their audiences through webinars, not only answers their questions but also have access to all data & insights which helps them improve their business potential.

Dealing as Business Professionals

  • In the past, networking events were best suited for making strong business connections. But in the current scenario, all you need is a good webinar platform and some sponsors to get your job done in expanding your business.


Hosting Webinars online is a necessity in today’s world because of the remote approach of the small & large businesses, learning point of view, marketing plans, etc. the list goes on and on.

Webinars provide easy and efficient means of connecting with targeted viewers from all corners of the world. It just requires the right approach and proper execution in order to ensure growth & scalability.