How to Increase Blog Traffic 55+ Popular Trick 2022

How to Increase Blog Traffic 55+ Popular Trick Apart from this, there are many people who want to do their online work. To do online and earn from it, we need high traffic. In the same way, blogging is completely dependent on traffic. In this post of ours today, we are going to give you information about How to Increase Blog Traffic 55+ Popular Trick

Friends are bloggers to win, they all have the same dream and hard work, that more and more traffic comes to their blog and their earnings should also be more. Friends, the blog on which more traffic comes, and the more the blog gets fenced, and many people start their blog only after seeing that blog. And this is their thinking, that we How to Increase Blog Traffic 55+ Popular Trick on our blog so that our earnings and our blog grow quickly. ( 55+ Popular Ways To Increase Blog Traffic )

The blog on which there is no traffic, people consider that people very poor. Even if there are 200 blog posts on that blog. And also the blog which has 50 blog posts, and its traffic is better, then that blog is given a lot of importance.

In this post of ours today, we are going to tell you about How to Increase Blog Traffic 55+ Popular Trick, you should read our this post carefully till the last, so that you can get all the information Step by Step, and you will get all the information on your blog. But there should not be any problem in increasing the traffic.

How to Increase Blog Traffic 55+ Popular Trick

When we start our new blog blog, at that time we do not have much information, how do we write blog posts and do SEO so that our posts can rank quickly. And together with the information we get on Google, we are not able to read it well, due to which we do not know much knowledge, and we cannot increase the traffic of our blog. 55+ Popular Ways To Increase Blog Traffic.

Write High Quality Content –

  • Use High Ranking Keyword- We write a blog post for our blog, before that we should do keyword research, and we should take the same keyword whose search is more.
  • Make Excellent Articles- When you write a post, at that time you should write such a post, so that the visitors will like it and share it further, and your blog becomes a fan.
  • Write Miximum Word post- If you want to get more traffic than Google, then you have to keep in mind that your blog post should be above 2500 words, if your post is from so many words, then it will not rank in Google. it occurs.
  • Write New Topic- Whenever you write a post, before that, see that the topic on which you are writing, its information has been given by very few people before.
  • Write For Your Readers- Write your blog post according to the reader coming to your blog, do not see whether it is written by someone else or not. If there is a demand for your reader, then you write the post.
  • Write Your Success Story- You can also write a blog post about yourself, and tell in it, how you made the success of this blog, how hard you have worked for it.
  • Write About Social Media- Nowadays everyone spends more time on social media. For this reason, all of you write posts on social media.
  • Write Your Income- You should also tell about your visitor’s income on your blog, because nowadays all the visitors like to see the income of all bloggers, because they think of working hard after seeing this income.
  • Ask Your Reader’s About New Post- After a few days or months, you ask your visitor what kind of post they like, and on the basis of that you write a post on your blog.
  • Write Your Blog Most Popular Content- The posts which are more popular on your blog, and have more traffic on them, then write to your visor about all these popular posts and tell which post is more popular.
  • Interview Other Blogger- You should interview a blogger similar to your blog and upload his interview on your blog post.
  • Write About Best Related Blog- Write a blog post about a blog similar to your blog, that is, a blog with a little more or less traffic than your blog.
  • Write About Celebrities- You write a post on your blog about New Year or any celebrity on your blog.
  • Write About Your Thought- Whenever you have any question or any idea in your mind, then you share those thoughts with your visitors. So that he considers you a good and intelligent blogger.

Use Eye-Catching Photo Graphic-

  • Use Eye Catching Photos- You put such a great post in your blog post, after seeing that the user likes your blog very much and it becomes your fan.
  • Add Pinterest Button On Image- When you add a photo to your blog, you should also put a share button with your photo, so that the user visiting your blog can share your blog photo, if they like the photo. If so.
  • Add Social Button On Photos- Apart from Pinterest, you can also put Facebook and Instagram buttons in your blog post, so that the user can share the photo on social media as well.
  • Make Image Clearly- If you put a future photo in your blog post, then you put a very clear photo which is very good to see, and the content written on it can be understood well.
  • Use Only Self Create And Free Stock Images- Whatever photo you use in a blog post, you can make it yourself or download a free photo and put it in your blog post, by posting someone’s copy, the copyright will come on the image of your blog.

Social Media More Traffic-

  • Create A Google Plus Page- Google itself has a social network, in which we have to create our account and share all the newly written posts on our blog here, which will increase the traffic of our blog.
  • Create A Facebook Page- Whenever you write a post for your blog, after that you have to share that post on your Facebook page, so that you can get a lot of traffic from your social media too. And your post gets indexed in Google on the same day.
  • Tweet All Your Post- Share all the posts written on your blog on your Twitter account. You also get a lot of traffic from here.
  • Add Latest Tweet Widget- When you design your blog, at that time you should put the session of Twitter post in the sidebar of your blog.
  • Use Social Media Share Button- The image you put in your blog post, you have to make a button of which image, so that the user reading your post can share that image on their social media account. 
  • Add Social Media Follow Widget- When you design a new blog, at the same time you should create your account on all social media platforms and add them to the sidebar of your blog, so that the user can follow you.
  • Regular Pin Images Other Blog- When you share the image of your blog on your Pinterest account, then you should also share the image of other blogger on your account so that you get more followers.
  • Comments On Other Blog- You should make your comments on all the blogs similar to your blog. When you comment, you get backlink.
  • Follow All Other Blogger- You should follow other big bloggers on their social media, this gives you a lot of benefit, because when they think of some new topic or anything about their blog, you will continue to get their activity.  
  • Active On Social Networking Sites- You should be daily active on your social site so that if the users of your blog answer any question, they will get their answer immediately.

Guest Post And Interview-

  • Start Guest Post On Your Blog- You start taking guest posts on your blog, this will increase the traffic on your blog and the traffic of your site will also increase. The blogger who will give you a guest post will give it more search, because he also needs traffic on his blog.
  • Share Guest Post On Other Blog- If you give guest post on other blogs relative to your blog, your blog will get a Do Follow Backlink and your blog will start growing.
  • Do Interview On Other Blog- You give your interview to another blogger or YouTuber and give all the information about yourself to your visitor.
  • Set Up A Free Blog- If you know how to create a blog yourself, then you create a blog and share all the data of your blog on it, you will also get a lot of benefits from it. 
  • Share Link On Other Blog- If you see how many sites are similar to your blog, come share the link of your blog on all those sites, this will increase your blog post rank quickly.

SEO Search Engine Optimization-

  • Make Your Blog SEO Friendly- After writing a post on your blog, you should do SEO Friendly, this makes your blog post rank quickly.
  • Set Up All Settings- While creating a blog, you should correct all its setting, and you should not add Extra Plugin to the blog. This makes a difference in your ranking.
  • Make Designed Blog- You should design your blog in such a way that your visitors will like the design of your site as soon as they see your blog, and when they need any information, they come directly to your blog, all this for you. You can do this with your blog design and good quality posts. 
  • Add Internal & External Link in Blog Post- After writing a blog post, after you have SEO of that blog post, you are required to give Internal Link and External in it, internal link is the link of your previously written post, and External You can give a link to Wikipedia.   
  • Use Keyword Research Tool- While writing a post for your blog, you have to do keyword research, you should not write a post on your blog without doing keyword research. There is no post rank without Keyword Research.
  • Submit Site To Google – After setting up the blog completely, you have to submit your blog to Search Console, this lets you know, how much traffic and on which post you have received in the last 7 days or 3 months.  
  • Submit Site To Bing- The way you submit your site to Google, in the same way you should submit your site to Bing as well.
  • Submit Blog To All Search Engine- Submit your blog to all search engines and keep doing SEO of your blog post well.
  • Create Sitemap for Your Blog- When you design a blog, at the same time you should create a site map in your site. Sitemap is the most important thing for your site.  
  • Submit Sitemap To Google Webmaster- Submit the sitemap that you have added to your site, to Google Webmaster. This has a huge impact on your ranking.
  • Submit Sitemap To Bing Webmaster- Submit the Sitemap to your Bing Webmaster.  
  • Find Ideas For New Post- Before writing a post for your blog, select some topic and later remove some other topics similar to them. And after that you write your blog post.  
  • Submit Site To Alexa If you want to increase the Alexa rank of your site, then submit your site to Alexa rank increasing tool.
  • Use Yoast SEO Plugin- You should use Yoast SEO to SEO the posts on your site. Yoast SEO is considered by all bloggers as No.1 SEO Tool.      
  • Use Keyword In Post Title- When you write a post for your blog, then you put 2-3 High Quality Keyword in it, this will increase your post rank quickly.  
  • Use Keyword In Post Content- When you write a blog post for your blog, you should use as many High Quality Keywords as possible to win in that post. The more keywords you win, the faster your post will rank.

Update Your Blog Post-  

  • Update Old Post- You keep updating the blog posts already written on your blog from time to time and keep adding them a little bit, when you update the post, you must put images and videos in it.
  • Add Update Date In Post- When you update your blog post, you should also update its Date, Time and Year. By updating the date, the user comes to know that earlier this post was there and now some more will be read in it, for this reason old users also come again and read this updated post.
  • Change Old Post Title- When you update your blog post, you can also change the title of your post. This also has a great effect on the ranking of your posts.
  • Remove Extra Word- If you have more than 70 words in the title in your old written post, then you remove them, and reduce the word, your post ranking is not good due to more words.
  • Don’t Change Post Link- When you update the old post of your blog, then you should not change the link of your blog post, it can go down the rank of your post.
  • Add More Content- Till you update the post of your blog post, keep in mind that you add some more words to it. That is, your old post should have more than 1000 words.

Other Ideas

  • Work On Other Blog Competition- You see blogs similar to your blogs and see on those blogs how they have written blog posts and how many words they have written, this will give you some knowledge and your writing speed and skill will be good.
  • Ask To Other Big And Success Blogger- First of all, you should prepare a list of big bloggers, and later contact them, and follow the ways they are told and told about how to increase traffic on the blog.
  • Make Fast Loading Blog- When a visitor comes to your blog, your blog should be open so fast that it takes only a few seconds.
  • Write Helpful Post- At the time when you write the post, keep in mind that you share only the necessary information in it. By adding more garbage, the user will not come back to your site.
  • Add A Search Box- When you design your site, you have to keep in mind that there should be a search box in your site so that the user can read and extract the post according to his need.
  • Link To Your Most Popular Article In Sidebar- You put a link to the most searched post of your blog in the sidebar, so that the user can read that post and share it further.
  • Make A Question & Answer From for Your Side- When you finish writing your blog post, then after that you have to give question and answer in your post, these rank your site and your post quickly.
  • Offer For Your Blog- You can offer some offer to the visitors of your blog to get more traffic on your site, such as the one who will share this blog of ours, who will share it so much and who will reduce it so much, in this way you You can keep your offer. This will rank your article more quickly.
  • Make About Us Form- You create a page on your blog in which you can tell all the information about yourself and all the information about your site to your user. The more the user knows about you, then the shadow of your blog should fit in their mind.

Today we have told you 55+ popular tricks about increasing traffic on the blog , you can increase traffic on your blog by following all these methods. According to me, I have told all the best ways to increase traffic on the blog.


 Friends, in this post of ours today, we have told you about How to Increase Blog Traffic 55+ Popular Trick, hope you can increase traffic on your blog very easily after reading this post.

We have tried to give you all the information in detail in this post 55+ Popular Ways To Increase Blog Traffic, if still any information is left, then you can ask us by commenting, we will answer your question soon and will help you in increasing traffic to your blog.

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