7 types of gaming keyboards, how to choose

The keyboard is the most important peripheral in any computer setup. Your hands touch it every minute of your day and since keyboards are relatively inexpensive, you’ll save a lot of money if you buy one that suits your needs. This article will help you decide which type to get and why.

A gaming keyboard is designed with features specifically for gamers such as programmable keys and backlit keys so they can be used anywhere at any time without having to worry about looking down on their keyboard or pressing the wrong key by accident. They also have more durable switches than other types of keyboards do, making them better suited for those who play games often and need something built to last longer than some other options on the market.

But before you buy the best gaming keyboard, you should know which types there are and what each type has to offer. That is why we put together a list of the 7 main types of keyboards out there and how to choose the best one.

1. The Mechanical Keyboard

A mechanical keyboard uses metal for each switch to provide the user with tactile feedback when pressing a key. It has an actuation force of 200g – 800g and has its own unique feel, sound, and durability that other types of keyboards don’t. They can last much longer than other options due to their durable switches and it is possible to buy one that will last even longer with the most popular Cherry MX brand.

2. The Flexible Keyboard

The flexible keyboard has a rubber membrane and dome where each key presses down on. If you’re looking for something that isn’t too expensive and will get the job done then this is an option to consider because they cost less than other options, aren’t as durable, but don’t require much maintenance if any at all.

3. The Tablet/Touchscreen Keyboard

Tablet and touchscreen keyboards are like flexible keyboards but they’re designed to be used with your fingers instead of your hands. They’re typically made of plastic, come in a variety of bright colors, and can even have programmable keys on them for added convenience.

4. The Membrane Keyboard

A membrane keyboard uses two membranes sandwiching the circuit board, one on top of the other connected by small cutouts where each keypress goes through so that when one is pressed it actuates the switch underneath it. This type isn’t good for gaming or heavy use because there is no tactile feedback or durability involved so this is an option you should only consider if you just need something simple, inexpensive, and disposable.

5. Roll Up Keyboard

The roll up keyboard is quire different than the rest because it’s actually made of paper or cloth that can be rolled up for travel or storage when it isn’t in use. It doesn’t have any printed keys on it so you’ll need to go through an external device like a phone, tablet, computer, etc just to see what each key would display if pressed down. These are typically used in schools by children due to how inexpensive they are but aren’t good for much else since there really isn’t anything special about them in comparison with other options out there besides their price tag.

6. The Laser Projection Keyboard

The laser projection keyboard uses infrared light projected onto any flat surface to act as the keys. It’s very small and portable making it easy to travel with but isn’t great for using in darker areas because you won’t be able to see any of the keys if they’re not lit up.

7. Gaming Keyboards

Gaming keyboards are designed for gamers so that their gaming experience will be enhanced due to special features like programmable macros, backlit keys, durability, extra media control buttons, etc. They also typically have Cherry MX switches which are what most other high-end keyboard types use too so gamers often get this type just to use at home or while practicing rather than other options made specifically for gamers that tend to cost more money than some people can spend on a keyboard.

Which Type of Keyboard to Buy?

The mechanical keyboard is the best option for gaming and heavy use because they provide users with tactile feedback making it easier to type accurately and effectively. They’re also very durable and long-lasting so if you want a reliable keyboard that won’t break unless you physically break it then this type is for you.

Choosing the right one just depends on how much money you’re willing to spend, what kind of features you need it to have, and whether or not you play video games/do any sort of work where having a more advanced keyboard will benefit you in some way such as graphic design, writing, coding, etc. If not then any other option would be better than nothing but keep in mind that no matter which keyboard type you choose at least make sure it’s a mechanical keyboard if you want to take full advantage of what they have to offer.

How to Buy the Best Gaming Keyboard?

1. Determine Your Budget

The first thing you need to do is figure out how much money you can afford to spend on a keyboard so that you don’t end up spending more than what your budget will allow for. Mechanical keyboards tend to cost the most because they use high-quality switches and materials, have more features such as customization options, durability, etc so if you find one with all the special features you want on it then keep in mind that it’ll be slightly more expensive than other options.

2. Choose Your Switch Type

There are two main types of switches on gaming keyboards: Cherry MX and Topre which will determine how your keyboard types/feels when using it. Cherry MX switches are what most gamers prefer to use because they’re very popular among manufacturers for mechanical keyboards thanks to their high demand, availability, responsiveness, accuracy, durability, etc. Once again there are different varieties of Cherry MX switches like Blue (clicky), Brown (tactile), Black (linear), Red (soft tactile), Green (lighter tactile) depending on your preferences.

3. Determine Your Layout and Size

You’ll need to determine how many keys there are on your keyboard as well as what positions they’re in such as if it has a number pad, is the Enter key at the right hand side or left hand side, etc. You also need to figure out whether or not you want a tenkeyless keyboard which is one without the number pad or a full sized keyboard if you want all your keys to be in their default/traditional position.