10 Tips on How to Organise Office Relocation

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Every office relocation process is different. Therefore, it is crucial to decide which tasks you need to include in the plan. The priority is given to cover all the details of relocation within a specific budget and time frame. However, moving your office to a new place is a hectic and time-consuming task. Office owners need to look for the best packers and movers Kothapet to efficiently move their stuff without any hassle.

Here are ten tips to help you through the office relocation process.

  1. Plan Early

You need extensive planning and groundwork for office relocation. To begin with, you need to set a realistic budget and time duration for making a shift. You also need to decide the place to relocate, the terms and conditions of the current lease, and the essential features and space requirements for a new setting.

  • Select a Parcel Office Near Me

You must select packers and movers Kothapet experienced in the office relocation sector. The staff members of the moving company must have an in-depth understanding of handling IT equipment and disassembling and reassembling the office furniture.

  • Inform Your Office Staff

Your employees might get affected by the office relocation. Therefore, to avoid any last-minute hassle, you must inform them about your plans once you select a venue for relocating your workstation. Here the employers must provide an opportunity of giving feedback to their workers. This is helpful in knowing if everyone is comfortable with the decision.

  • Get a Project Manager

Hiring a project manager for office relocation is essential to proceed with the process smoothly. You can either seek help from an in-house employee with excellent organisational skills or get an external specialist. 

  • Make a Floor Plan for Employee Convenience

Devising an efficient floor plan is another crucial aspect after you have decided on your new office location. To help reduce the confusion of your employees, you must assign a separate dest to each staff member. You can also organise a staff tour of the new office before the shifting process. This is helpful for an easy transition.

  • Set Your Timeline

Once you have selected a date to make the shift, you need to draft a detailed timeline for different tasks. Generally, it is done one month prior to the office relocation date. This helps the staff members prepare efficiently for the move. There are various tasks that need attention in commercial shifts, such as organising the files, stocking up packaging supplies, encouraging the employees to carry their personal items home, etc.

As the final day for shifting approaches, you may ask your staff to clear the office sequentially and label all the boxes. Colour coding the boxes of certain sections of the office helps in convenient unpacking at the new venue. You also need to decide on discarding old and damaged furniture, which eases the shifting process because the new furniture will be delivered directly to your new office.

  • Remain Prepared for any Uncertainty

Employees may choose to hire the best packers and movers Kothapet, and decide on an efficient moving plant. Still, there are chances of facing contingencies. Therefore, you must remain prepared for them and handle the situation smartly, consider having the contact numbers of all the people involved in the shifting process.

  • Inform Your Clients and Neighbours

You must notify your clients and neighbours at the old and new offices about any disruption during the relocation. This is crucial for getting their support for a smooth shift.

  • Clean Your Old Office

You may need to deep clean the old office space according to the terms of the lease. Apart from cleaning the office, make sure you capture pictures before leaving. These are essential evidence if your landlord claims any damage to the property.

  • ¬†Remain Present on the Shifting Day

Even if you hire packers and movers Hyderabad, you must remain present on the day of office relocation to assist and manage the process. You may employ a manager at the other office to help in better coordination.


Office shifting is a complex task, and it covers heavy costs. But if it is done in a planned way with the help of efficient packers and movers Kothapet, it can prove to be a great investment for your business. However, you must decide on a good location for your new office and plan the process by considering all the odds. In addition, it is also recommended to set a deadline for every task and engage your employees to proceed smoothly with the process.

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