Biden Job Approval Dips to New Low

Biden Job Approval Dips to New Low

WASHINGTON, D. C. President Joe Biden’s job approval rate dropped below 40 percent in the past for the first time, and is now at a record low of 38 percent. Between the months of September and June Biden’s ratings fluctuated between 40-43 percent. Prior to this, Biden mostly received majority approval ratings.

In the year prior to Biden’s election, his honeymoon phase was brought to the end of his honeymoon when his approval rating plummeted to 50% following the rise of U. S. coronavirus cases. Since then, Biden’s public popularity has diminished following the tumultuous U. S. withdrawal from Afghanistan and the most inflation-stricken year in the past four decades and record-high gasoline prices, and ongoing issues with the supply chain.

The 5th of July, 26th of July Gallup survey found 59 percent of Americans not satisfied with the job Biden is performing, which is the highest he has seen to date. The follow-up survey finds that 45% of Americans who strongly disagree with Biden’s work, as compared to 13% who strongly agree.

Biden Sixth-Quarter Average Is Lowest for an Elected President

Biden’s sixth quarter as president that ran from April 20 to July 19, has recently concluded. At the time there was an average of 40 percent of Americans agreed with the job that he did as president. The president who was that was elected to serve in his inaugural term had a lower 6th quarter average than Biden and Jimmy Carter, though the Jimmy Carter and Trump approval ratings were just a bit better at 42 percent. Barack Obama, Bill Clinton and Ronald Reagan also averaged below the majority of approval.

Like almost every president since Dwight Eisenhower, Biden saw his job approval rating decrease between the fifth (41 percent) to sixth and fifth quarters. Trump is among the rare exceptions, given that his average for the sixth quarter at 42% is higher than the 39% he had during the fifth quarter of his presidency. Because of these shifts the sixth quarter is the first time Biden’s quarter-to-quarter average was lower than Trump’s during the same period.

The past suggests that it is likely for Biden’s approval rating to improve in his seventh quarter. In the past the only president who was elected George H. W. Bush has seen significant improvement during the seventh quarter of his term. This is due to a rout in support of Bush following his condemnation of the invasion of Iraq by Kuwait and resulted to an agreement between the U. S. and allies fighting the Gulf War against Iraq in the beginning of 1991.

Biden Support Among Democrats, Independents at Low Points

Although Biden enjoys the trust of the majority of Democrats However, his 78% approval rating with his fellow partisans is the lowest rating for Biden to this point, having previously declined to the same mark in December.

A mere 31% independents who approve of Biden is the lowest he has ever been and the Republican approval remains to be extremely rare.

As his predecessors before him, Trump and Obama, Biden is currently in office in a period of extreme political polarization. In recent times, presidents have received a surprisingly high amount of support throughout their term from the supporters of their own political party while getting a lower approval rate, typically in single digits or teens from people who belong to the opposing party.

Biden’s 78% approval rating with Democrats almost matches the lowest level for Trump in the eyes of Republicans 77% in December 2017. Obama’s lowest approval rating in the eyes of Democrats was 72% back in the month of October, 2011.

The majority of the variations in approval ratings for the most recent presidents is due to shifts in the evaluations of independents of chief executives. Biden’s approval rate of 31% by independents is similar to the low for Obama which was recorded in the months of December 2013 and March 2014. Trump’s popularity among independents dropped to just 29% in August 2017.

Vast Majority of Republicans Strongly Disapprove of Biden

In the very first instance since Biden’s presidency Gallup conducted a survey of Americans about the strength of their feelings about Biden. Republicans are the most likely to have strong opinions of Biden nine out of 10 do. Moreover, since the majority of Americans are not happy with the work Biden is performing this results in 87% disapproval of Biden in the eyes of Republicans.

Contrary to Republicans 36 percent of Democrats are of a strong opinion about Biden. This means that Democrats are less likely to be adamantly supportive of the work he’s doing (30 percent) as opposed to moderately support him (48 percent).

A little more than half people who are independent have strong opinions on the way Biden is performing his duties however, with a higher percentage of them not approving of his work than disapproving. Therefore, the highest percentage from independents is 43 percent strongly disagree with the manner in which Biden is performing his duties.

Gallup has never asked about the degree of disapproval and approval for jobs and disapproval, which leaves it unclear whether a particular party has ever held more negative views of President Biden than Republicans are now holding of Biden. But, according to its limited measurements, Gallup has never found an increase in the percentage of 87% in a political group who strongly disapprove of a president.

In the six occasions Gallup asked about the intensity of the opinions of Trump between 75 percent and 83 percent of Democrats strongly opposed. 75 percent of Republicans strongly disliked Obama during his four instances Gallup asked about the issue during his presidency. Eighty per cent of Democrats strongly disliked George W. Bush in an November 2007 poll which was the highest of eleven measures he took during the presidency of George W. Bush.

Bottom Line

Biden has had to face a variety of difficulties as president, and Americans have generally rated his performance poorly over the last year as his approval rating as president currently at 46 percent. His current support in the polls is at its lowest level it has been to the present.

Democrats had already faced the challenges of the midterm elections this year in their quest to maintain their small majority of both the U. S. House of Representatives and Senate. Biden’s weaker approval now increases their chances of achieving this goal even more difficult. Democrats hope that a backlash against Supreme Court’s recent rulings regarding abortion, gun control and environmental protection could negate some of the benefits GOP candidates might gain from Democrats being in charge at a time that Americans are not happy with the direction taken by the nation.

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Survey Methods

Results from this Gallup poll are based upon telephone interviews that took place on June 5 and 26 2022. The sample was one random sample of 033 adults 18 or older living across every one of the fifty U. S. states and the District of Columbia. Based on the entire sample of adults across the nation The margin of error for sampling is +4 percent at 95% confidence levels. The margins of error for sampling include calculated design effects to weight.

Each sample of adult nationals includes a minimum of 75% cell phone users and 25% landline users and additional minimum quotas for each time zone in the regions. Cellular and landline telephone numbers are chosen using random digit dialing methods.

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July 29th 2022 Gallup https./news. gallup. com/poll/395378/biden job approval dips new low. inspx Gallup World Headquarters, 901 F Street, Washington, D. C. , 20001, U. S. A +202. 715. 3030


Joe Biden is having a terrible day. The number of people who approve of him has plummeted to an all-time low. The latest poll in the string of polls that have been negative for Biden, the former vice president. The most recent CNN survey shows that just 37 per cent of Americans like the job that Joe Biden is performing as the most powerful Democrat of the Senate.

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