How do I pass CIMA E1 Organisational Management Exam?


To take the CIMA E1 Exam, you must prepare for the Organisational Management section. This section consists of 60 questions covering all the syllabus areas. To pass, you need to get 70% of the questions right. There are tips and tricks to help you ace the exam.

Exam structure

Organisational management is a critical topic in the CIMA E1 syllabus, focusing on structuring organisations in the digital age. It covers operational functions, effective management, and interactions between stakeholders. This section contains questions from all learning areas of the syllabus and is equally weighted. The pass mark for this part is 70%.

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The exam is 90 minutes long, and you must answer all 60 questions. It would be best if you aimed to get 70 percent of the CIMA E1 questions right to pass the exam. You can find CIMA connect articles, study planners, and previous exam questions to help you prepare for the exam. The articles can be beneficial, especially if you are self-studying and struggling with specific topics.


The CIMA E1 Exam is the foundation exam for a career in management. It covers the fundamentals of organisational management, including creating value through the finance function. It also covers governance and ethics. While the exam isn’t particularly challenging, it is essential to prepare thoroughly. It is wise to take a free exam tutorial before sitting for the exam to get a feel for the layout and functionality of the test.

While the CIMA E1 study text pdf is not complex, it does have some difficult questions. The technical terminology and different levels of finance can cause problems. There are also a lot of questions about data modeling, which aren’t always easy to answer. Nevertheless, the exam is an essential foundation for P-pillar topics and helps you create a holistic view of an organisation. The pass mark for this exam is 70%.


The CIMA E1 past papers are introductory and focused on the structure and functions of organisations. It tests your skills in planning, costing, and reporting. It will also test your skills in effective interaction. The exam will cover all topics covered in the syllabus. Each subject will receive equal weight, and you will need to pass with a 70-percent score.

The exam comprises multiple-choice, multiple responses, and case study questions. The multiple-choice questions require you to choose the correct answer from a list. Other questions involve moving an object or identifying a specific area in an image. You will be given feedback alongside your marks.

Case study e1

To pass the CIMA E1 formula sheet case study examination, you must be well-versed in organisational management. The test will assess your knowledge of various management theories and apply them to real-life situations. It also tests your understanding of change management and performance management. Hence, it is advisable to practice these theories beforehand.

The exam covers the topic of risk management and overlaps with P2 (Advanced Management Accounting). The Financial Manager in an organisation should have a holistic view of the organisation. It will enable him to manage risks and ensure that expected returns materialize. The case study helps the Financial Manager develop a holistic view of the organisation, including how to link the different aspects of organisational performance.


The CIMA E1 exam practice kit pdf covers the basics of organisational management and its role in decision-making. It also covers different costing methods, the purpose of forecasts, plans, budgets, and risk analysis. This paper covers all the topics covered by the syllabus and will require you to get a 70% or higher score to pass.

This paper will also introduce the concept of taxation. As you can see, this area is significant for the financial health of any company. You will also learn about financial reporting, a vital tool for managing the organization’s finances. As you move on to the second CIMA exam, you’ll need to apply the knowledge you gained in E1. At this level, you’ll learn how to monitor the work done within an organisation. In addition, you’ll learn about strategic management and how to implement it.

Revision classes

A revision class is a great way to ensure you’re ready for the CIMA E1 exam. You’ll get 10 hours of CIMA E1 study materials spread across two days, plus the opportunity to interact with a tutor. The material covers all the learning areas of the syllabus, including organisational management. You’ll need to get 70% of the questions right to pass.

The CIMA E1 past papers and answers pdf is broken down into three levels and three pillars, with each level covering a particular area of management. There are 12 exams in total, each 90-minute computer-based objective test. The first pillar covers the management of a company’s finances, including budgeting and risk management. The second pillar, strategy implementation, focuses on changing and maintaining relationships and strategies.

Online proctoring

Organisational management questions in the CIMA E1 exam practice focus on structuring organisations and implementing strategic objectives. The exam is open to non-members and is offered year-round at Pearson VUE testing centers. If you fail the exam, you have the option of retaking it. However, you should note that a retake fee of US$225 applies if you don’t pass the first time. However, you’re allowed unlimited attempts. This fee is included in your application fee.

Online proctoring services allow you to take the CIMA E1 exam in the privacy of your home. This service uses webcam and microphone technology to monitor the exam. It ensures fairness and consistency of test results; the main reasons employers hire only successful candidates. The CIMA website also provides FAQs on proctored testing.

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